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Have you ever purchased a puppy from a retail outlet?  If so - Hope-UK would be interested in what led you to make that decision.

We are trying to find the answers and trying to understand why the message about not purchasing puppies from retail outlets does not appear to be working.

  • Was it an impulse purchase maybe?
  • Had you tried contacting breeders - and could not locate a puppy at the time  you wanted one?
  • Was price an issue?
  • Being able to purchase the puppy via a credit card transaction was that a deciding factor?
  • The convenience of being able to just walk into  the store, browse and then make your purchase?
  • Perhaps you did contact a breeder and they refused to sell you a puppy because - you only wanted it as a pet - not a show dog.
  • Other reason/s?
  • After purchasing your puppy are you certain that buying from a retail outlet ie 3rd party was the correct way to buy a puppy?
  • Would you buy a puppy again from the same place - or any other commercial outlet?
  • If yes -why?
  • If no - why?

    This information is purely for our own reference - and will
    NOT be shared or given to other parties





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