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You may be aware that there is now regular live raids from the ISPCA in several different puppy farms throughout Ireland. Just as we go and write this update there has being another puppy farm raid thanks to specific information given to them. Through their helpline set up to report animal abuse issues and more. ARAN is continuing to do research into these farms and we are passing all information onto the ISPCA who is taking an actual lead in raiding these farms. Please continue to look through your local newspapers and buy and sell to find out who is selling puppies and dogs near you. Please send us on any details you of people you may suspect that is breeding them, please forward on to the PO Box number set up to receive such information ect.

Puppy farms was another reason why we have decided to organise a national day for animals, which is now being rescheduled for a later date to try and organise it more effectively and to get different groups to work together and to make this day more effective in terms of getting results. At first when the plan was thought up it seemed very clear that it was a great idea, but later turned out that it would take far more organising than previously thought. This demonstration will go ahead but we ask that you please take a more active role in helping to organise this. The support so far from has being very encouraging from both activists and some groups around the country . We do appreciate your patients and thank you for understanding this decision we have made to alter the date as we are sure you are aware organising a small demo can take allot of time and effort never mind organising something national involving national groups, media, laws, activists ect. This demo is not for us but for the animals we are all trying to help.

ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network), Limerick, contact on
 00353 8572 12979


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