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The mass breeding of puppies on farms came into being when milk quotas were introduced in the 1980's.

Farmers needed to ‘branch out’ into fresh pastures to supplement their income. ‘Puppy Farming' was one of the ideas put to them by the Ministry of Agriculture’s advisors. (ADAS)

The farmers latched onto the word ‘Farming' and laughed all the way to the bank AG00059_.gif (12001 bytes)and are still doing so. With their barns, cow stalls, and whatever else they could use the ‘farmers’ set about breeding from their new herds.

The bitches became breeding machines. Given no food, no veterinary care, no love, fed on the bare minimum just to keep them ticking over. Then killed when they could no longer produce the goods.

This then is how the ‘farmers’ set about supplementing their income. They seem to think that they have a 'right' to continue to use these dogs in order to make themselves wealthy.

The Government has just sent the third reading of the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) to the House of Lords. It is a sad empty Bill as far as helping Puppy Farm dogs goes. No Bill

goes far enough unless it puts a STOP to this evil business. (This Bill has since become an Act) there has been NO changes in the way Puppy Farmers operate.  More and more puppies are being bred - on both licensed and (unlicesned  premises which are on the increase)  (added 2004)

One of the strongest objectors to the Bill was the fomer Westminster MP for Ceredigion Mr. Congo Dafis.  

During the Bill’s second reading he wanted to know the following :-

"I want to determine the effect of the new clauses on puppy breeders in my constituency. I do not necessarily use the term 'puppy farmer’ pejoratively (in a bad way) because many farmers breed puppies for sale responsibly and carefully. However, some people are guilty of abuse and I understand the motivation for the Bill.

Puppy breeding and sale is an important component in the way in which some of my constituents make a living. It is not easy, especially nowadays, to make a living in rural Wales. People struggle hard, and add to what is often a meager income by breeding and selling puppies. I want them to be able to do that responsibly. They need the services of a person who can take their product, if I may call it that, to the marketplace. They cannot deliver puppies directly to customers in the Midlands or the South East of England, and it would be unrealistic to expect people from the South East of England to travel to the South West Wales to see a pup with its dam and make the purchase. Therefore, a middle person is required, and he or she can perform a useful service."

He goes onto say that many legitimate, respectable people breed pups responsibly. They make a living from it and have a right to continue to do that.

His reply comes from Mr. Mike Hall who reassures him that nothing will be done to stop responsible breeders, who are REGISTERED under the act from producing puppies and sending them to the pet shop market, although the breeder will have to see the puppies in situ. He goes on to say that registered WELL-RUN PUPPY FARMS HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM THE BILL.

How right he is/was!

It is the poor unfortunate dogs who live with the fear.

There are already, licensed puppy farms out there - THESE PLACES ARE HELL.

Puppy Farming has become ingrained into the Welsh way of life.

It is the people who look after and care for their animal that are termed 'misfits' in Wales.

When their MP sees it as their right to continue making a living from exploiting dogs, then the depth of this sick trade truly sinks in.

Many people are finding it hard to make a living, whether it is rural England or the City Centres. It does not give them a license to go out and produce puppies on mass.

If the rest of the farming community repeatedly bred sheep, cows and pigs in the same vast numbers as the Puppy Farmers breed dogs then farmers would go under due to over production and a drop in prices. The Government would also step in to stop that from happening - but it is all right to over farm breeding bitches and mass-produce puppies - please also read 5 years on farmers given even more financial aid to breed more puppies in 2003.


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