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Animals are a very emotive subject.  I imagine that is why many of us campaign for them.  We love them, feel sorry for the way they often get used and abused and feel we want to help protect them.  Sometimes compassion is not enough as it does not draw attention to the wider implications of the cause you are campaigning against.  You have to stop and step outside of the 'welfare' issues and look at the picture from a wider perspective.  Sentiment alone is NOT enough to take your fight and your concerns into the spot light. This does not mean that you have lost the war - it just allows you to address your views to a wider audience.

When you first think about purchasing your puppy you have to bear in mind that you are eventually going to be adding an extra member to your family.  Most people want the dog to meet certain criteria i.e. size, nature, a whole spectrum of requirements may be involved.  If you go to a 'reputable breeder' they will hopefully be able to sell you the dog you have chosen as best suited to your family and it's way of life.  Things do sometimes go wrong but on the whole this should be a happy experience.  The dog you have purchased will fit into your way of life...

Sadly this does not happen for lots of people when they make their puppy purchase from a 'pet shop' or other form of 'multi-breed selling establishment'. The seller has NO real interest in selecting the 'right dog for you and your family' they just want a SALE.  It is also true to say that many of the puppies sold from these places are NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE THEY WERE BRED FOR - BEING A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY.

Looking at the puppies in the pet shop etc, will perhaps not alert you to what could be a sad and very expensive time if you go ahead and purchase one of them.  For a full report on what you could be buying into then please refer to  thinking of buying a puppy

There are thousands of puppies sold from these places every year.  Many do die, many more are sick and some go on to develop temperament problems.  

As hard as this sounds puppies are classed as a 'commodity' and they are also sold as this . This means they are seen in the eyes of the law and  TRADING STANDARDS as 'GOODS'. They are not offered any more status or protection because they are a 'living thing'... As already said thousands of puppies are sold and many fall ill.  In simple terms they are not fit for the purpose they are sold for.  We all know that if we purchase a TV, fridge, car, whatever and it fails to do the job we bought it for - we can take it back and either, get a replacement, our money back or take the trader to court.  If the item turned out to be dangerous  then there is chance the seller would be prosecuted, perhaps even closed down if this was a practice they repeated.   So you could be forgiven for thinking that 'traders' selling puppies that turn out to be 'unfit' would face the same charges.  Sadly, this is not the case.  

You would be hard pressed to find any pet shop or commercial selling outlet that has been closed down for this violation.  There have been a few over the years - but there are hundreds  of them out there, up and down the Country. ALL selling puppies bred on puppy farms bred for the trade.

You, as the consumer, are not being protected.  Why is this?  Why are you not being offered the same rights as when you buy a fridge?

Why when hope-UK know of licensed multi breeding establishments that are breeding and selling sick puppies, and they allowed to still continue. They are licensed year after year and they continue to sell unfit puppies to the public.  

If you have purchased a sick puppy or visited a retail outlet and have concerns  - then please contact the nearest Trading Standards to the place of purchase as well as the Local Environmental Health.  You could also let the RSPCA know your findings....


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