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Thousands and thousands of tiny puppies, some less than 4 weeks old, travel our roads every day of the week.  Although the Breeding and Sale of Dogs Welfare Act states that puppies should be 8 weeks old, and wearing a collar stating their date of birth -  before they can be sold.  We at HOPE-UK do not think this is a safe enough method to be able to guarantee that this is what actually happens. The whole system is so weak and inadequately monitored that puppies will still  be sold at 4 weeks of age.  The Act has failed to this trade on all counts. These small puppies may travel hundreds of miles.  They leave their place of birth and are bundled into crates, cages, baskets - whatever - to begin their long and stressful journey .  The only stops they make are to pick up even more puppies on route  before reaching their final destination.  The place of sale.
(see page the puppy trade chain)!  


All roads lead to misery for the puppies.

The selling of puppies is World Wide

Some puppies will have died on route, others will die within the first few days of arrival.  This is the sad and accepted wastage of the 'puppy farm trade'.  There are no exact figures of the number of puppies that die, but then again there are no exact figures of the puppies that are bred. This is how secretive the puppy trade is.  Even though ALL puppy farmers should be licensed under the new legislation and their premises and figures open to viewing.  We at HOPE-UK know that this is not what happens and that the 'trade' still flourishes.

The map below is to try and give you some idea of the hundreds of miles these puppies have to endure.  Their place of birth may have been South Wales - their place of sale a pet shop in London - or even Scotland.  Many puppies are born in Southern Ireland and get flown to the UK to be sold .  In fact they will be supplied to wherever there is a market for them - and to whoever is willing to buy them!  This is only the tip of the iceberg there is a huge export market  and even  more puppies are sold to the overseas trade.   China, Japan, Taiwan - the list is endless.  Life out there for any animal is not good.  There are some good owners, but they are in the minority.  The overseas trade is a subject we will cover in future articles.

Carmarthen to London 215 miles

Glasgow to London 410 miles

Plymouth to Norwich  353 miles

Dover to Birmingham  208 miles

Manchester to Aberdeen  353miles

Birmingham to Newcastle 203 miles  

These distances are straight A to B on the motorways wherever possible.  This is not the route many of the puppies will take.  They tend to stay off the busy roads - preferring to take the quieter back roads.  This of course adds to the journey and makes the journey more stressful.

Please email  if you can help in anyway .

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