The Price of Suffering


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When we go to  see a film or  play, none of us ever ask questions regarding  what goes on behind the scenes.  All we  are concerned about, as paying members of the public, is the finished product!

This is also true when we go to buy a puppy. Most of us  only have eyes for the little cute bundle of mischief put in front of us. 

Sad, but a true reflection on how we view things- out of sight out of mind.

I am sure that if you had a vivid mental picture of a Puppy Farm and what life is like behind the scenes for the breeding bitches and stud dogs, you would carry it with you for life.

The words of horror are inadequate.  Knowing that there is nothing you can do but just walk away and leave the dogs to this existence is soul destroying.

Life is precious to all things.

When you see these dogs you pray for their release, which only comes through death and even that is inflicted brutally.

Every day of every dog's life on a Puppy Farm is a life of misery.

This is just one of the man,we have chosen to tell you about.

It could be Monday - it could be Saturday, day or night he does not know, perhaps he does not even care any more.

A dirty, stinking prison. He has lived like this for years.   No fresh air, no light, no contact with anyone.  The only break in his constant captivity is when they put the breeding bitches in with him.   That's not for company though.  This dog has a job to do - get the bitches in pup so the puppy farmer can sell them...

He has by now lost all understanding and reasoning.

He used to bark for something to do - and to try and get some attention.  He lost his bark ages ago, and besides no one ever came to see what he wanted.

There was a time he would play chase with his tail - for there was never any  toys to play with, but that was when he was younger and before  the constant loneliness took its toll!

These days due to lack of exercise he does not even have the muscle strength to stand up for very long anyway.

He will end his stud dog days like this and then the Puppy Farmer will end his life for him  - probably brutally! No nice fireside for this dog.

For this is the SAD life of a stud dog.

Sadly another poor soul will take his place -  and on it will go!

This is what goes on behind the scenes at ALL  Puppy Farms.

There are no GOOD Puppy Farms - a Puppy Farm is complete misery and utter suffering.

Far too  many dogs have suffered already!

Please help us at Hope-UK to end this misery.
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