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Last Updated 05/03/13          HORSTED KEYNES NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN                                                     

Welcome to the Horsted Keynes Neighbourhood Planning page. We aim to keep this page updated with all the latest information on this important project so please visit regularly to find out how the Plan is progressing. 

Please click on the link above to access the second Neighbourhood Plan Survey

If you have not already done so - please click on the link above to access the first Neighbourhood Plan Survey
All information supplied will remain anonymous and once collated, will be used to identify the needs of the Parish and to prepare the Horsted Keynes Neighbourhood Plan.

Your views are important 

Link to P&P item - July 2012 - Progress update and process reminder

Link to P&P item - June 2012 - Come and see us at the Jubilee Celebrations - beside the Hog Roast

Link to P&P item - May 2012

Link  to Annual Parish Meeting (10/04/12) - Neighbourhood Plan Presentation 

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

When David Cameron stood up just after the last election and introduced his Big Society idea most people
in Horsted Keynes probably thought “this is what we already do?” However, once the Localism Bill was 
drafted and people became aware that using the provisions of this bill, they could have a greater say in
the development of their local environment over the next 20 years, there was a little more interest and
the concept of a Neighbourhood Plan was formed. 

The Localism Bill was passed in November 2011 and now the hard work at Parish level begins. There 
is significant work to be done so I would like to take this opportunity to provide some background information 
and introduce the timescales that the Parish Council is aiming to meet and the activities that will be taking
place to compile the Horsted Keynes Neighbourhood Plan.
The Neighbourhood Plan will underpin the new District Plan prepared by Mid Sussex District Council 
which includes overall development targets for the entire District. Ideally the development identified in 
individual Neighbourhood Plans will, once aggregated, allow district planners to meet the government targets
for housing over the next 20 years. 

For Horsted Keynes it is therefore essential that we produce a Neighbourhood Plan that identifies any 
housing development that the Parish needs – our contribution to the overall District development targets – 
but more importantly allows the Parish to decide what, where and when any development should take 
place. Without a Neighbourhood plan, the Parish could be at risk of having development enforced upon it 
either by speculative planning applications which we will be unable to defend or to meet the overall 
District development targets. 

Many of you were directly involved with developing the excellent Village Plan in 2008, indeed some of the 
smaller things identified in that Plan are either in place or are being worked on. The Neighbourhood Plan will 
build on the existing Village Plan and I would recommend that anyone with a keen interest in the future of Horsted Keynes refreshes themselves by reading this document a copy of which can be found on the Parish Council website  (

So what is the process being followed by the Parish Council?

  1. A working party has been created consisting of 4 councillors
  2. A sum of money has been set aside from the Parish Council’s reserves to meet the costs of producing
    the Plan.
  3. A P&P item has been issued to introduce the Neighbourhood Plan to the Parish
  4. A launch presentation was made as part of the Annual Parish Meeting on 10th April at 8.00 p.m. in
    the Village Hall
  5. Local area representatives have been identified to ensure inclusion of all views (as per the Village plan process).
  6. Local “Groups” (formal and informal) will be identified and representatives will be sought from those
    groups to participate in preparation of the Plan.
  7. Additional skills needed to complete the Plan will be identified and residents of the Parish with those
    skills will be invited to participate.
  8. 3 clearly defined surveys will be issued at approximately 2 monthly intervals:
    1. To identify the business requirements of the Parish including home working and review the
      travel and infrastructure required to meet those needs.
    2. Identify and validate future needs based on demographics including school occupancy, future
      family housing requirements, association housing and housing type requirements for those
      with Parish connections.
    3. Identify social and other infrastructure requirements that need to be maintained or will be
      required in the future including social activity.

We have decided to approach the Plan in 3 separate phases in the expectation that answers from one survey
will potentially identify questions to be raised in the next survey. The Working Party is also investigating ways
to issue surveys electronically to reduce costs but paper versions will also be made available.

Once all the data is collated and analysed we hope to have the information needed to produce the Plan and hopefully the answers to the following questions:

1.     Does the Parish need additional infrastructure in place to better support what already exists?

2.     Can the Parish afford additional infrastructure without raising the annual precept (Council Tax)?

3.     Have we identified any development requirements (housing and business)and acceptable sites for development that meet with the agreement of the majority of resident within the Parish?

Once the plan has been drawn up and consulted upon in final form, it will then be put to a referendum of all registered voters within the Parish (this will be held to coincide with existing local elections, probably 
between April and September 2013).

The referendum will be worded simply, i.e.  “do the residents of the Parish accept the Horsted Keynes Neighbourhood Plan”

If 50% +1 of the turnout at the referendum vote in favour of accepting the Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan will 
be accepted and its provisions will detail the extent of any development within the Parish over the next 
20 years with reviews in the interim years if necessary to ensure that it still meets the needs of the Parish.

If the majority vote against adoption of the Plan the Parish will be expected to accept the decisions of MSDC
on development within the Parish (i.e. take what we are given), as effectively, there will be no Neighbourhood 
Plan for the Parish of Horsted Keynes.

This is the best opportunity we have been given to identify what we like about the environment that we live in 
and through positive and active management of that environment we can ensure that it is not swayed one 
way or the other particularly when it is not in the interest of what the Parish has identified as being of 
greatest value.

The Parish Council look forward to a very informative Annual Parish Meeting and will produce future P&P updates as the Plan evolves. Please also see the Parish Council notice board for details of events, information and survey results as the Plan progresses.

More information on Neighbourhood Planning is available on the MSDC website (

Thank you in advance from the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party to everyone who will passionately input objective views and collate data to make the Neighbourhood Plan for Horsted Keynes a reality.

This page is updated regularly - so please revisit.

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