You must choose correctly at the time of installation. Changing your mind at a later date may not always result in a successful conversion to your new ideas.

A ‘Nature Pond’ is not suitable for fish. Because it is too shallow, it is subject to wide variations in temperature and its saucer shape that allows easy access for small animals and amphibians also puts fish at risk from predators. Children also find any body of water very attractive - it does not have to be deep for a tragedy to occur

The traditional ‘Goldfish Pond’ complete with aquatic plants such as Water-lilies will require water depth in excess of 45cms somewhere in the pond. A filter system to deal with fish wastes and green water is usually fitted when the pond is installed. Such a pond can be made from a pre-formed rigid form sunk in the matching hole in the ground or by lining a free-form hole with a flexible lining material.

A ‘Koi Pond’ is something entirely different. The fish require a water depth of over 1.5m and, because Koi eat almost everything (including the beneficial, water-cleansing water plants) a comprehensive filtration system is mandatory. A system of bottom drains and pipework will also be necessary for efficient water quality control.

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Last updated January 17, 2002