Make sure the tank support is firm and level.

Make sure the thickness of the glass is sufficient for the size of the tank.

Rinse substrate material in small portions at a time - half-a-bucketful is just about manageable.

Make sure hoses to external filters are connected tightly.

Use water-proof fluorescent tube fittings.

Keep cover-glasses clean.

Plant in groups rather than isolated specimens.

Only add new fish gradually, to avoid overloading the filtration system.

Make sure fishes are compatible with each other, and that you can supply their required foods, before buying.

Don't buy a sick-looking fish, no matter how much you desire it.

Separately quarantine all new fish; rinse off all new plants and inspect for snail eggs.

Keep accurate notes when treating sick fish.

Make partial water changes a routine, your fish will thank you for it.

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Last updated March 27, 2002