Fortunately it was a fine afternoon when we loaded the van .......

All the Team were waiting for the hungry, and the exhibitors

and here they come!

There were other distractions - Brian Chittenden's wonderful Show Tank display and the superbly donated Raffle Prizes

Botia striata                                        Colombian Tetra                                      Congo Tetra

Drape Fin Barb                                      BEST IN SHOW Odessa Barb                                      Barbus jae

Nice Goldfish Breeder's Team                            Some jovial Judges                            it wouldn't be 'Hounslow' without a Fighter!

Rob Barries watches debenching closely                 this is his Snakekhead!                                      Roy Chapman debenches

Many hands make light work                    but the lights have gone out for Malcolm      the victorious Team DC reflect on their day

It's all put away until next year                              and the van's ready to go back to Graham.

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