This list includes various events including individuals bearing the Sage name, not necessarily linked to my family but mainly located near the area of north-east Somerset. All surnames are Sage, unless otherwise noted. Assistant overseer, therefore debarred from becoming guardian.
DateNameEventPlaceOther peopleComments
Mar qtr 1898Amy GertrudeBirthBarton R. 6a 97d/o George Edward & Eliza A SageUnchecked!
4 Jul 1895Linnie Selina EMarriageFrome 5c 842
Born 5 Dec 1873
4 Jul 1895JosephMarriageKilmersdonto Alice Maria HorlerGroom - engine driver of Midsomer Norton, father Frederick, engine driver. Bride res Kilmersdon, father Richard John Horler, coal miner.
Sep qtr 1892Frances InaBirthChipping S. 6a 194d/o George Edward & Eliza A SageUnchecked!
23 Mar 1892BurtBirthCwmtillerys/o Dan & Julia Sage
4 Mar 1891George Herbert StanleyBaptismChew Stokeson of Leonard John & Eliza Jane Morgan SageLabourer
4 Mar 1889Leonard John RichardBaptismChew Stokeson of Leonard John & Eliza Jane Morgan SageLabourer
1889AlbertBirthBristolson of Percy & Rose SageParents married Q3 1886
4 Mar 1888Albert JosephBaptismChew Stokeson of Alice SageIllegitimate; servant
Dec qtr 1887George EdwardMarriageKeynsham 5c 1148to Eliza A CordyUnchecked!
16 May 1887Thomas Bush SageDeath/burialWeston super Mare EmmanuelHusband of Elizabeth D S née PittBorn Chew Magna 1818-20
Qtr 1 1887FlorenceBirthBristoldaur of Percy & Rose SageParents married Q3 1886
4 Oct 1884LizzieMarriageTakapan NZto Robert Hally of Ballywater, Callan, Co Kilkennydo Richard Sage of West Harptree, Som
Qtr 3 1883Harriet HannahBirthBarton R 6a 121daur of George & Ellen SageMarried Percy Farnham PADFIELD, 1903
Qtr 2 1883Harriet FlorenceBirthBristol 6a 27daur of Thomas & Emma J SageMarried Bristol, Dec qtr 1908
29 May 1881Edith Annie MariaBaptWeston super Mare, Woodcliffe/d/o Alfred & Annie Sage
30 Mar 1881RosenaMarriageWeston super Mare HTto Walter Organfathers Thomas Bush Sage, William Thompson Organ
16 May 1880Florence EmmaBaptNailsea Ebenezer Methodistd/o Job & Emily Sage
23 Mar 1880Florence EmmaBirthNailsead/o Job & Emily Sage
13 Feb 1876Edith MaryBaptNailsea Ebenezer Methodistd/o Job & Emily Sage
8 Jan 1876Edith MaryBirthNailsead/o Job & Emily Sage
5 Dec 1873Linnie Selina ElizabethBirthFrome Holy Trinityd/o Charles & Bertha SageBapt 29 Apr 1894; Father chemist of Market Place
30 Apr 1872FrancisBurialChew Stoke
age 3 months
20 Jul 1871GeorgeBirthCwmtillerys/o Dan & Julia Sage
26 Sep 1870DanMarriageLlanhilethto Julia Pernell, fathers Samuel Sage, Thomas Pernell
27 Feb 1870George ColstonMarriageWellington, NZto June Elizabeth Scott, do R Scott, bakerson of George Colston of Bristol, England; born Dec qtr 1843?
5 Nov 1869Linnie Selina ElizabethBirthFrome Holy Trinityd/o Charles & Bertha SageBapt 29 Apr 1894; Father chemist of Market Place
Sep qtr 1866PercyMarriageBristolto Rose Kelly, father Henry Albert Sage, mother Charlotte Annie Sage nee Pullin
Jun qtr 1865George EdwardBirthChipping S. vol 6a p151s/o Silvester & Sarah SageUnchecked!

of St George parish, Bristol; killed by roof fall in mine
19 Jul 1863RichardMarriageCompton Martinto Sarah GallopRichard is widower; Sarah is thought to be the Mrs R Sage who sang "Death and the Lady" to Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1907
27 May 1863Sarah AnneBaptFrome Holy Trinityd/o William & Martha Maria Sage of London, boilermaker
3 Mar 1861William HenryBaptFromes/o William & Martha Maria Sage of Clements Lane, smith
1 Dec 1860IsaacDeathRisca, Mon
Died in Risca Blackvein colliery disaster
1 Dec 1860JohnDeathRisca, Mon
Died in Risca Blackvein colliery disaster
30 Jul 1859Emma Gray née SageBurialNailsea Holy Trinity

1863Mary House née SageDeath

40 yrs, at Stillhouse Lane Bedminster, heart disease
23 May 1850Thomas Bush SageMarriageClifton St Andrewsto Elizabeth Dimont Stoke PITT
6 Jan 1849SarahBurialClevedon St Andrew
Age 7
8 Sep 1848Rosina SageBirthTickenhams/o Samuel & Mary Ann Sage (née Rowles), collier
21 Dec 1847MaryMarriageCardiff St Johnsto John HouseWitnesses Richard & Catherine Thomas
Jun qtr 1847SamuelMarriageBedminster 11 65to Mary Ann Rowles
March 1847GeorgeAppointmentChew Magna
8 Nov 1846EmmaBaptNailsea Holy Trinityd/o Samuel & Mary Sage
16 Feb 1845EmmaMarriageNailsea Holy Trinityto Joseph Gray; fathers Joseph Gray, Joseph Sage
10 Mar 1844DanBaptismNailseason of Samuel and Mary (née Weeks)
31 Jan 1844DanBirthNailseason of Samuel and Mary (née Weeks)
Dec qtr 1843George ColstonBirthClifton 11 272son of George?mar Wellington, NZ, Feb 1870?
26 Oct 1842IsaacDeathPill St George
Age 74
19 Mar 1842JacobBurialCompton Martin Age 84
21 Nov 1841SarahBaptismBackwelldau of Charles & Eliza Sage
11 Feb 1841ElizabethBirthChew Magnadau of Samuel & Martha SageLabourer; Elizabeth formerly Radford
4 Feb 1841Charles Garland SageMarriageBackwellto Eliza Cross or Croft; father James Cross/Croft, labourer. Charles base born.Both made mark.
4 Nov 1839JohnBirthSutton Wick, Chew Magnason of William and Elizabeth SageCollier; Elizabeth formerly Radford
12 Aug 1839EdwinBaptismBackwellson of Samuel and Elizabeth SageLabourer
12 Mar 1839MarySettlement examinationNailsea
Parish of settlement Weston-s-M; born Nailsea
6 Feb 1839DavidBurialFrome St John
Age 63, Behind Town
8 Oct 1837Frederick GeorgeBaptismSt.Philip (Holy Trinity)s/d of Samuel and Elizabeth Sage 
17 Sep 1837Amelia AnnBaptismSt.Jamess/d of George and Amelia Ann Sage 
9 Jul 1837JosephBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Ann Sage 
14 May 1837Edward JohnBaptismCliftons/d of John and Anne Sage 
15 Mar 1837BelindaBaptismChew Stokeson of John & Ann SageCarpenter; age 6
15 Mar 1837JamesBaptismChew Stokeson of John & Ann SageCarpenter; age 4
15 Mar 1837JosephBaptismChew Stokeson of John & Ann SageCarpenter; age 1
15 Mar 1837JamesBaptismChew Stokeson of John & Ann SageCarpenter; private baptism
5 Mar 1837VashtiMarriageDunkertonto Aaron Sleigh 
20 Feb 1837AnnMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto John Vowles 
5 Feb 1837MariaBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
25 Dec 1836MartinBaptismCliftons/d of Ann Sage 
20 Nov 1836EstherBaptismAbbots Leighs/d of James and Sarah Sage 
25 Sep 1836BetsyMarriageBedminster St.Johnto James Green 
18 Sep 1836Vernal GeorgeMarriageSt.Peterto Elizabeth Davies 
28 Aug 1836Matilda AnnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Abraham and Ann Sage 
2 Aug 1836AbrahamMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Ann Thompson 
11 Jul 1836JamesMarriageBackwellto Betsy Garland
10 Jul 1836Henry AlbertBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Mary Elizabeth Sage 
8 Feb 1836Charlotte BrooksMarriageTimsburyto William Hill 
18 Nov 1835EdwardBurialDundry
11 Oct 1835EdwardBaptDundrys/o Ann SageSingle woman
11 Oct 1835Samuel SampsonBapt (age 3 or 8)Dundrys/o William & Jane SageSawyer
27 Sep 1835AnnMarriageBedminster St.Johnto James Atherton 
27 Sep 1835AnnMarriageSt John Bedminsterto James Atherton
21 Sep 1835ElizabethMarriageBedminster St.Johnto William Roach 
30 Aug 1835SarahBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Ann Sage 
30 Aug 1835CarolineBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Ann Sage 
18 Jul 1835MariaMarriageSt.Stephento John Mansfield 
28 Jun 1835GeorgeBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Ann Sage 
28 Jun 1835EmmaBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Ann Sage 
20 Apr 1835ThomasMarriageSt.Andrew Cliftonto Elizabeth Lewis 
1 Mar 1835Sarah AnneBaptismCliftons/d of William and Ann Sage 
8 Feb 1835William SamsonMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Harriet Nurse 
20 Jan 1835AbrahamMarriageSt.Andrew Cliftonto Hester Stitfall 
14 Nov 1834RichardBaptismCompton Martins/o Ann Sage, widow
20 Oct 1834LydiaMarriageSt.Jamesto Job Moor 
20 Oct 1834William JohnMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Sarah Fish 
8 Sep 1834SamuelMarriageStoweyto Martha Estcourt 
18 Aug 1834MariaMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Uriah Millard 
27 Jul 1834ElizaBaptismCliftons/d of John and Mary Ann Sage Or Toge 
27 Jul 1834SarahBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
29 Jun 1834Mary AnnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Mary Elizabeth Sage 
1 Jun 1834WilliamBaptismAbbots Leighs/d of James and Sarah Sage 
11 May 1834Mary LydiaMarriageTempleto James Milsham 
20 Apr 1834JosephMarriageSt.Nicholasto Ann Stacey 
6 Jan 1834RichardMarriageCompton Martinto Anne Gait 
26 Dec 1833JamesBurialFrome St John
Age 53, of Broadway
22 Dec 1833ClaraBaptismWestbury on Tryms/d of Ann Sage 
20 Oct 1833William HenryBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Samuel and Elizabeth Sage 
30 Sep 1833JaneMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Thomas Hussey 
7 Sep 1833JohnMarriageSt.Jamesto Mercy Light 
5 Sep 1833SamuelMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Mary Ann Butcher 
1 Jul 1833HesterMarriageChew Magnato James Clothier 
20 May 1833JosephMarriageMidsomer Nortonto Mary Riddle
13 May 1833WilliamMarriageSt.Jamesto Sarah Hewish 
25 Mar 1833ElizaMarriageCluttonto James Langridge 
24 Mar 1833SarahMarriageSt.Peterto Charles Hawkins 
24 Feb 1833John William BurgessBaptismCliftons/d of William and Ann Sage 
16 Oct 1832Mary AnnMarriageSts.Philip & Jacobto Thomas Le Chevalier 
15 Jul 1832ThomasBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Mary Elisabeth Sage 
20 May 1832Caroline BurgessBaptismCliftons/d of Abraham and Maria Sage 
12 May 1832ElizabethMarriageTempleto James Jeanes 
6 May 1832William JamesBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
29 Mar 1832MaryMarriageWest Harptreeto Richard Spiring 
18 Mar 1832MaryMarriageDundryto William Streetboth otp; Wit William Sage, George Taylor
20 Feb 1832AmosMarriageCameleyto Harriet Bampfield 
12 Feb 1832JaneBaptismAbbots Leighs/d of James and Sarah Sage 
1 Dec 1831LouisaMarriageBath St.Jamesto James Stradling 
24 Oct 1831HarrietMarriageBath St.Jamesto Robert Lockyer 
5 Sep 1831SarahMarriageSt.Paul Portland Squareto Isaac Beer 
5 Jul 1831HenryMarriageLong Ashtonto Mary Elizabeth Tippett 
19 Jun 1831GeorgeMarriageSt.John the Baptistto Elizabeth Notting 
19 Apr 1831John JuniorMarriageSt.Andrew Cliftonto Mary Ann Godfrey 
3 Apr 1831Harriett MariaBaptismCliftons/d of William and Anne Sage 
26 Mar 1831AnnMarriageDundryto John Lightboth otp; Wit Lydia Fear, George Taylor
16 Jan 1831Ann MariaBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of William and Susanna Sage 
20 Dec 1830AnnMarriageTempleto Jacob Sidnell 
31 Oct 1830EmmaBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Mary Sage 
27 Oct 1830SusannaMarriagePublowto William Hodges 
24 Oct 1830JamesBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
4 Oct 1830WilliamMarriageSt.Augustine the Lessto Ann Burgess 
26 Sep 1830SamuelMarriageCluttonto Priscilla Hillman 
31 May 1830ElizabethMarriageSt.John the Baptistto Edmund Beacham 
30 Mar 1830EmmaMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Charles Millard 
7 Mar 1830SamuelBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Samuel and Elisabeth Sage 
7 Feb 1830ElisabethBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of John and Eliza Sage 
6 Dec 1829HannahBaptismAbbots Leighs/d of James and Sarah Sage 
18 Oct 1829Mary Ann SarahBaptismCliftons/d of Abraham and Maria Sage 
7 Jun 1829Joseph AshBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of William and Susannah Sage 
6 May 1829CeliaBaptismOlvestons/d of Ambrose and Celia Sage 
11 Mar 1829RichardMarriageCameleyto Ann Wookey 
23 Nov 1828JohnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
23 Nov 1828HenryBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
8 Oct 1828Ann Maria FearBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Samuel and Elizabeth Sage 
29 Jun 1828ElizabethMarriageBarrow Gurneyto Northcote Clark 
23 Jun 1828JohnMarriageCameleyto Tamsin Gray 
18 May 1828GeorgeBaptismCompton Greenfields/d of Daniel Sage and Rebecca A 
2 April 1828FrederickBaptChew Magnas/o George & Elizabeth Sageof Castle Cottage
9 Dec 1827AnnMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Charles Willy 
4 Dec 1827ElizaMarriageTempleto George Crocket 
2 Dec 1827GeorgeMarriageLyncombe & Widcombeto Harriet Hutchings 
5 Nov 1827MaryMarriageBedminster St.Johnto James Hynam 
16 Sep 1827Elizabeth AnnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Samuel and Elizabeth Sage 
10 Sep 1827HenryMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Hannah Maria Tucker 
3 Sep 1827ElizabethMarriageSt.Nicholasto William Flower 
15 Jul 1827JamesMarriageLong Ashtonto Mary KneadsBatchelor, spinster, banns, ipo Thomas Smith, Thomas Cribbs
17 Jun 1827Henry FrancisBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of William and Susanna Sage 
13 May 1827JohnMarriageCluttonto Hannah Rogers 
15 Apr 1827Ann SusanBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Elizabeth Sage 
8 Apr 1827ElizaBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of John and Eliza Sage 
26 Mar 1827SarahMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Charles Gane 
26 Feb 1827WilliamMarriageSt.Georgeto Maria Nash Ash 
25 Feb 1827John DorsonBaptismAbbots Leighs/d of James and Sarah Sage 
25 Feb 1827John Sage GurnerBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Mary Sage 
25 Feb 1827WilliamBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Ann Sage 
25 Dec 1826AnnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of John and Sarah Sage 
25 Dec 1826Mary AnnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Elizabeth Sage 
10 Dec 1826William ValentineBaptismCliftons/d of Abraham and Maria Sage 
22 Oct 1826ElizaBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Henry and Ann Sage 
3 May 1826PhoebeMarriageChew Magnato John Wines 
2 Feb 1826AnnMarriageSts.Philip & Jacobto Charles Ash 
5 Jan 1826MaryMarriageWalcot St.Swithinto John Williams 
26 Dec 1825HesterMarriageSt.Andrew Cliftonto William Withey 
25 Dec 1825JohnMarriageSts.Philip & Jacobto Sarah Williams 
27 Nov 1825HesterMarriageSts.Philip & Jacobto John James 
2 Oct 1825AbrahamMarriageSt.Andrew Cliftonto Maria Burgess 
27 Jun 1825HarrietMarriageNailseato Isaac Reed 
7 Jun 1825SamuelMarriageSt.Michaelto Elizabeth Fear 
31 Jan 1825WilliamMarriageChew Magnato Rebecca Withy 
30 Jan 1825WilliamBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Susan Sage 
23 Jan 1825JamesBaptDundrys/o William & Jane SageSawyer
14 Nov 1824Mary Ann LewisBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Mary Sage 
27 Oct 1824EmmaMarriageLyncombe & Widcombeto William Chew 
17 Oct 1824JosephMarriageNailseato Elizabeth Scorse 
4 Oct 1824GeorgeMarriageChew Magnato Betty Ball Elford 
22 Sep 1824Abigal ChurchMarriageBedminster St.Johnto William Walker 
29 Aug 1824WilliamBaptismOlvestons/d of Ambrose and Celia Sage 
8 Aug 1824JamesBaptismAbbots Leighs/d of James and Sarah Sage 
28 Jun 1824John ChurchMarriageEast Harptreeto Nancy Wilson 
23 May 1824HenryBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of William and Frances Sage 
9 May 1824AnnBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of John and Eliza Sage 
4 Apr 1824CarolineBaptismTemples/d of Abraham and Caroline Sage 
26 Jan 1824MariaMarriageHigh Littletonto James Dix 
29 Oct 1823HesterMarriageSt.Jamesto Jonathan Gadd 
12 Oct 1823HarrietMarriageSt.Jamesto Christopher Lippiatt 
10 Aug 1823RebeccaBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Susan Sage 
27 Mar 1823JohnMarriageChew Stoketo Eliza EmblinWit. John Mercer, Sarah Emblin, William Adams
26 Mar 1823JohnMarriageChewstoketo Eliza Emblin 
2 Mar 1823SarahMarriageEaston in Gordanoto George Waterman 
13 Jan 1823ElizabethMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Abraham Evans 
6 Dec 1822ElizabethBaptismOlvestons/d of Harriet Sage 
14 Nov 1822SilasMarriageCameleyto Hester Hewlett 
31 Aug 1822MaryMarriageSt.Michaelto James Headford 
29 Aug 1822JohnMarriageLyncombe & Widcombeto Mary Edwards 
28 Aug 1822JamesMarriageSt.Jamesto Mary Lewis 
26 Aug 1822HenryMarriageSt.Paul Portland Squareto Ann Manning 
7 Jul 1822ElizabethBaptDundrys/o William & Jane SageSawyer
3 Feb 1822SarahBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Mary Sage 
10 Dec 1821AnnMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Robert Collings 
19 Jul 1821WilliamBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Susannah Sage 
24 Apr 1821MaryMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Joseph Beats 
22 Apr 1821MariaBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
25 Mar 1821JamesMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Sarah Dorson 
18 Feb 1821EdwinBaptismSt.Pauls/d of James and Ann Sage 
11 Sep 1820NehemiahMarriageHigh Littletonto Ann Kingman 
10 Sep 1820EdwardBaptismOlvestons/d of Ambrose and Celie Sage 
7 Sep 1820JoannaMarriageSt.Jamesto Isaiah Griffiths 
4 Sep 1820JamesMarriageWalcot St.Swithinto Martha Bolwell 
7 Aug 1820DanielMarriageSt.Augustine the Lessto Rebecca Young 
9 Jul 1820Isaac GeorgeBaptismTemples/d of Abraham and Caroline Sage 
9 Jul 1820ElizaBaptismTemples/d of Abraham and Caroline Sage 
5 Sep 1819SamuelMarriageTempleto Sarah Mapstone 
19 Mar 1817SarahBaptBarrow Gurneyd/o William & Hannah Sage, labourer
9 Jul 1820WilliamMarriageDundryto Susanna Perrybatch, spin; both otp; Wit Elizabeth Perry, George Taylor
23 Apr 1820GeorgeMarriageSt.Paul Portland Squareto Agnes Cooper 
18 Apr 1820MariaMarriageCameleyto George Higgins 
12 Dec 1819WilliamMarriageSts.Philip & Jacobto Frances Cox 
3 Oct 1819MaryMarriageSt.Jamesto Richard Fisher 
3 Oct 1819HesterBaptDundrys/o William & Jane SageSawyer
21 Jun 1819ElizabethMarriageSt.Jamesto William Vincent 
18 May 1819CharlesBaptBarrow Gurneys/o William & Hannah Sage, labourer
28 Apr 1819WilliamExecutedIlchester gaol
Native of Priddy, age 32. For stealing 7 sheep, property of J P Tudway of Wells.
15 Mar 1819SarahMarriageBath St.Jamesto Elijah Saunders 
31 Jan 1819SamuelMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Charlotte Hillier 
18 Jan 1819MelindaMarriageSt.Jamesto John Brodribb 
30 Nov 1818WilliamMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Meriel Watts 
26 Oct 1818Elizabeth MaryMarriageSts.Philip & Jacobto John Robinson 
30 Aug 1818SusanBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of John and Hannah Sage 
12 Jul 1818MaryMarriageSt.Paul Portland Squareto William Ford Gover 
27 Jun 1818SusannahMarriageBedminster St.Johnto William Bragg 
24 May 1818ElizabethBurialCompton Martin Age 65
10 May 1818JamesBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Ann Sage 
10 May 1818AnnMarriageBedminster St.Johnto William Farnoth 
10 Feb 1818AnneMarriageFarmboroughto James Harris 
9 Nov 1817SusannahMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto John Tipney 
3 Nov 1817JamesMarriageSt.Nicholasto Martha Watts 
12 Sep 1817HenryBurialFrome St Johns/o John Sage1, Coal Ash Walk
16 Aug 1817JamesMarriageSt.Jamesto Betty Lawson Bush 
11 Aug 1817SusannahMarriageCameleyto Uriah Bush 
4 Aug 1817JamesMarriageTimsburyto Susanna James 
1 Jul 1817JamesMarriageSt.Paul Portland Squareto Ann Meredith 
1 Jun 1817EmmaBaptNailsea Holy Trinityd/o Joseph & Sarah Sage
26 Apr 1817PaulMarriageCameleyto Mary Kingman 
19 Jan 1817SophiaBaptBarrow Gurneyd/o William & Hannah Sage, labourer
25 Dec 1816EdmundBaptDundrys/o Elizabeth Sage
23 Dec 1816ElizabethMarriageTempleto David Richards 
9 Dec 1816AnnMarriageBathwickto Matthew Strong 
8 Dec 1816AmbroseBaptismOlvestons/d of Ambrose and Celia Sage 
4 Dec 1816LucyMarriageSt.Jamesto Daniel Davis 
6 Jul 1816JohnBaptismFrome St Johns/o Samuel Sage, tanner, & Mary Sage, Keyford
30 Jun 1816AnnMarriageBath St.Jamesto Samuel Guy 
17 Apr 1816MaryMarriageBath St.Michaelto John Megarry 
3 Mar 1816BenjaminBaptismMarshfields/d of Jeremiah and Lydia Sage 
25 Dec 1815MariaMarriageDunkertonto John Laney 
20 Nov 1815MarkMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Mary Francis 
10 Sep 1815MaryBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of John and Hannah Sage 
16 Jul 1815AmbroseMarriageSt.Jamesto Celia Rogers 
23 Jan 1815JohnMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Ann Haskins 
27 Dec 1814JesseMarriageCamertonto Jane Brooks 
23 Oct 1814MarthaMarriageFarmboroughto Samuel Brimble 
3 Oct 1814PhoebeMarriageDunkertonto Joseph Cobley 
10 Jul 1814HesterMarriageSt.Paul Portland Squareto James West 
4 Jul 1814AnnMarriageKeynshamto Thomas Taylor 
26 Jun 1814JeremiahMarriageMarshfieldto Lydia Yeeles 
19 Mar 1814DanielMarriageChew Magnato Phoebe Clark 
7 Mar 1814JohnMarriageBlagdonto Mary Weeks 
31 Oct 1813AbrahamBaptismTemples/d of Abraham and Catharine Sage 
24 Oct 1813ThomasBaptismSt.Augustines/d of John and Sarah Sage 
9 Aug 1813GeorgeMarriageTimsburyto Hannah Harding 
9 Aug 1813MaryMarriageTimsburyto James Langford 
7 Aug 1813CharlesBaptismFrome St Johns/o Samuel Sage, tanner, & Mary Sage, Lower Keyford
23 May 1813JohnBaptismChelwoodIllegitimate s/o John Sage, carpenter, Stanton Drew & Mary Gibbs otp
11 May 1813JohnMarriageBathwickto Anna Williams 
14 Mar 1813JosephBaptismSs.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Frances Sage 
24 Feb 1813HesterMarriageChew Magnato George Harvey 
3 Jan 1813JamesMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Elizabeth Adams 
1813CharlesAffadivitNempnett Thrubwell
Signed as church warden
25 Dec 1812JamesMarriageFarmboroughto Ruth Garner 
12 Dec 1812PhoebeMarriageCameleyto George Rapson 
1 Nov 1812GeorgeBaptismStanton Drewson of George and Frances SAGE
19 May 1812MaryBaptismNailsead/o Joseph Sage & Sarah Sage
12 Jan 1812HenryBaptismSt.Mary Redcliffes/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
1812CharlesAffadivitNempnett Thrubwell
Signed as church warden
1 Dec 1811HannahMarriageTimsburyto Benjamin Harding 
27 Sep 1811WilliamMarriageBarrow Gurneyto Hannah Marks
9 Sep 1811SamuelMarriageChew Magnato Martha Evans 
25 Aug 1811GeorgeBaptismSt.Augustines/d of John and Hannah Sage 
7 Jul 1811AmeliaBaptismTemples/d of Abraham and Caroline Sage 
24 Jun 1811GeorgeMarriageAllerto Elizabeth SawtellBy banns, both otp. Wit. Thomas Richards, James Kiddell
3 Jun 1811AnnMarriageSt.Thomasto John Cole 
1 Jun 1811JemimahMarriageCluttonto John Holloway 
22 May 1811LydiaMarriageBedminster St.Johnto John Fear 
24 Feb 1811EleanorMarriageTimsburyto James Harding 
14 Jan 1811HannahMarriageSt.Jamesto William Light 
1 Jan 1811MaryMarriageSt.Jamesto James Pippen 
22 Oct 1810AnnMarriageSt.Michaelto Thomas Thomas 
11 Jun 1810JosephMarriageSt.Paulto Frances Stogdon 
24 May 1810HesterMarriageOlvestonto Robert Alphas 
24 May 1810ElizaBaptismStanton Drewdau of George and Frances SAGE
8 May 1810George WiltonMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Ruth Rattle 
22 Apr 1810CharlotteBaptismSt.Stephens/d of Samuel and Susannah Sage 
22 Apr 1810MaryBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
22 Apr 1810RebeccaBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
22 Apr 1810ElizaBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
25 Mar 1810HannahBaptismSt.Augustines/d of John and Hannah Sage 
21 Jan 1810HenryBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Samuel and Ann Sage 
14 Jan 1810SamuelBaptismBedminster St.Johns/d of John and Ann Sage 
14 Jan 1810RichardBaptismBedminster St.Johns/d of John and Ann Sage 
12 Nov 1809SamuelMarriageBittonto Sarah Shappard 
20 Aug 1809AnnMarriageSt.Paulto James Jones 
30 Apr 1809DavidBaptismTemples/d of Abraham and Catherine Sage 
17 Apr 1809AnnMarriageButcombeto William WilkinsWit. Richd Shempson, Charlotte Froud
19 Mar 1809ElizabethMarriageChew Magnato James Light 
19 Sep 1808ElizabethMarriageEast Pennardto Richard Ridwood
7 Aug 1808MaryBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of William and Jane Sage 
12 Jul 1808WilliamBaptismEaston in Gordanos/o Isaac & Mary Sage
5 Jun 1808JohnBaptismSt.Augustines/d of John and Hannah Sage 
8 May 1808ElizabethBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Samuel and Ann Sage 
1 May 1808ElizabethBaptismSt.Augustines/d of George and Elizabeth Sage 
16 Feb 1808DorothyMarriageCameleyto Joseph Bowdich 
14 Feb 1808MaryMarriageSt.Augustineto Isaac Sheppard 
17 Jan 1808MaryBaptismStanton Drewson of George and Frances SAGE
6 Oct 1807ElizabethBaptismSt Philip & Jacob, Bristold/o Samuel & Ann Sage (nee Packer)
6 Oct 1807ElizabethBirthBristold/o Samuel & Ann Sage (nee Packer)
27 Sep 1807WilliamMarriageBarrow Gurneyto Hannah Marks 
20 May 1807SamuelMarriageCameleyto Anne Maria Brown 
18 May 1807JohnMarriageEast Harptreeto Mary Coles 
17 May 1807AnnBaptismSt.Augustines/d of John and Hannah Sage 
18 Apr 1807MaryMarriageSt.Thomasto John Hobbs 
27 Oct 1806WilliamMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Jane Oswell 
20 Oct 1806AbrahamMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Calina Allen 
18 Jun 1806AgnesBurialNorton Fitzwarren

8 Jun 1806HarrietBaptismSt.Augustines/d of James and Elizabeth Sage 
4 Jun 1806MarthaMarriageSt.Jamesto John Young 
12 May 1806JohnMarriageSt.Michaelto Hannah Waldron 
11 May 1806RichardBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Ann Sage 
5 May 1806EstherMarriageCameleyto James Lovell 
4 May 1806JamesBaptismNorton Fitzwarren

30 Dec 1805AnnMarriageSt.Paulto James Osborne 
25 Dec 1805HenryBaptismStanton Drewson of George and Frances SAGE
17 Dec 1805ElizabethMarriageSt.Augustineto James Weymouth 
13 Dec 1805JohnBaptismChew Stokeson of Ann SageIllegitimate
13 Dec 1805JohnBaptismChew Stokeson of Ann SageIllegitimate
22 Oct 1805FrancisMarriageTwertonto Robert Gale 
4 Aug 1805AbrahamBaptismEaston in Gordanos/o Isaac & Mary Sage
4 Aug 1805JohnBaptismBadgeworths/o Joseph & Betty Sageb. 5 Jul
14 Apr 1805JamesBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of James and Sarah Sage 
26 Mar 1805JacobMarriageWalcot St.Maryto Edith Morse 
18 Feb 1805JamesMarriageChew Magnato Martha Millard 
31 Dec 1804AnnMarriageOlvestonto Henry Hobey 
31 Dec 1804HannahMarriageSt.Jamesto Thomas Devonald 
26 Dec 1804Charles (Criddle)BaptismAxbridges/o James Criddle & Grace Sage (illegitimate)Dwelly gives Charles Illes
29 Oct 1804JohnMarriageCluttonto Anne Govord 
11 Aug 1804MariaBaptismShepton Mallett

6 Aug 1804ElizabethMarriageTimsburyto William Naish 
5 Aug 1804JosephMarriageBadgeworthto Betty PhelpsWit. William Lader, Mary Tilly
20 May 1804JamesMarriageSt.Paulto Sarah Taylor 
28 Apr 1804EdithMarriageBath St.Jamesto Richard Moore 
8 Mar 1804PriscillaMarriageTempleto Andrew James 
19 Jun 1803JosephBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Ann Sage 
6 Jun 1803Ann Cox SageMarriageBristol St Paul'sWilliam Ford GoverBanns; both OTP
4 Apr 1803JohnMarriageCompton Dandoto Hester Briant 
21 Feb 1803MarthaMarriageStanton Drewto Thomas Davies 
14 Feb 1803AnnMarriageChew Magnato Samuel Adams 
9 Jan 1803SamuelBaptismSt.Pauls/d of Samuel and Ann Sage 
2 Jan 1803WilliamBaptismStanton Drewson of George and Frances SAGE
27 Dec 1802MaryMarriagePaultonto Robert Hill 
1 Dec 1802AnnBaptismEaston in Gordanod/o Isaac & Mary Sage
26 Sep 1802HarrietBaptismSt.Mary Redcliffes/d of George and Hannah Sage 
18 Sep 1802JoneMarriageShepton Mallettto John Brown
11 Jul 1802MaryMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Richard Haynes 
31 Jan 1802John AshenBaptismBath St James

31 Jan 1802John AskewBaptismAxbridges/o James & Caroline Sage
24 Jan 1802AnneMarriageWalcot St.Swithinto William Sherwood 
10 Jan 1802HenriettaBaptismOlvestons/d of William and Ann Sage 
27 Jul 1801WDeathAlmondsbury
Killed by lightning while mowing in a field
10 May 1801WilliamBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Ann Sage 
11 Feb 1801CharlesMarriageAlmondsburyto Sarah Organ 
2 Nov 1800MaryBaptismSt.Pauls/d of Samuel and Ann Sage 
27 Oct 1800Mercy BushMarriageStanton Drewto Robert Warren 
24 Jul 1800AnnBurialChelwood

16 Jun 1800William or JohnMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Ann WilliamsDwelly gives John, BAFHS gives William
1 May 1800JoelBurialShepton Mallett

3 Apr 1800GeorgeMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Fanny Heal 
23 Jan 1800RichardMarriageHinton Blewettto Jane Eyres 
20 Jan 1800AnnMarriageChew Magnato Richard Buckler 
25 Aug 1799RebeccaBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Carry ? Or Eamy ? Sage 
23 Jul 1799SarahMarriageWalcot St.Swithinto John Cooksey 
12 May 1799IsaacMarriageBath St.Michaelto Elizabeth Collyer 
26 Mar 1799GeorgeBaptismChew Magnas/o Charles and Betty SAGE
3 Mar 1799MarthaMarriageSt Peters, Bristolto Thomas Davis
24 Feb 1799SarahBaptismOlvestons/d of William and Ann Sage 
20 Jan 1799AnnBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
31 Dec 1798JacobMarriagePublowto Ann Cobley 
24 Dec 1798JosephMarriageCongresburyto Sarah Sprod
13 Oct 1798JamesMarriageSt.Paulto Jane Davis 
26 Mar 1798SusannahBurialChew StokePage or Sage
20 Feb 1798HannahMarriageSt.Paulto John Perry 
17 Dec 1797WilliamBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Amy Sage 
13 Dec 1797MaryMarriageButcombeto Daniel CookWit. John Vowles, James Crooker
15 Oct 1797JesseMarriageHigh Littletonto Ann Vowles 
27 Sep 1797JohnMarriageWeston Bathto Mary Pill 
7 Aug 1797SarahMarriageSt.Augustineto John Gale 
24 Apr 1797SamuelMarriageSt.Jamesto Ann Packer 
7 Dec 1796MaryMarriageCluttonto Tobias Blacker 
20 Nov 1796MarkBaptismSt.Stephens/d of Samuel and Susannah Sage 
20 Nov 1796SamuelBaptismSt.Stephens/d of Samuel and Susannah Sage 
2 Jun 1796SarahMarriageNempnett Thrubwellto Jesse Derrick 
14 Mar 1796AnnMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Thomas Jefferis 
29 Feb 1796JamesBaptismOlvestons/d of William and Ann Sage 
14 Feb 1796ThomasBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
27 Dec 1795WilliamBaptismSt.Peters/d of William and Amy Sage 
16 Dec 1795AnnMarriageSt.Michaelto James Williams 
10 Aug 1795JacobMarriageWhitchurchto Susanna Harris 
19 Jul 1795IsaacMarriageTempleto Edith Masters 
15 Apr 1795IsaacMarriageLong Ashtonto Mary Steadfell 
22 Mar 1795JamesBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
1 Feb 1795William & EmmyMarriageWalcotBride & groom both SageWit. Joseph TUCKER and Susanna Shewring or Showring
8 Dec 1794MaryBurialStanton Drew

1 Sep 1794HannahMarriageWalcot St.Maryto Samuel Bassett 
26 May 1794HetteyMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Thomas Jefferis 
23 Mar 1794MariaBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
1 Jan 1794BettyMarriageHigh Littletonto James Weeks 
22 Sep 1793Mary AnnBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
24 Jul 1793AnnBaptismSt.Michaels/d of William and Ann Sage 
7 Jul 1793MarthaMarriageCompton Dandoto Richard Francis 
11 Feb 1793AnneMarriageCameleyto Thomas Simmons 
30 Dec 1792William LangleyBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Sarah Sage 
25 Nov 1792JonahMarriageCameleyto Mary James 
11 Nov 1792SarahMarriageTempleto Thomas Dagger 
29 May 1792WilliamMarriageSt.Michaelto Ann Gurner 
12 Feb 1792EdmundBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
12 Feb 1792MaryBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
9 Feb 1792MaryMarriageCluttonto Paul Maggs 
16 Nov 1791AnnMarriagePublowto George Filer 
23 Oct 1791ArthurBurialYatton

31 Jul 1791ElizaBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
31 Jul 1791SarahBaptismSt.Jamess/d of James and Sarah Sage 
19 Jun 1791William LangleyBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Joseph and Sarah Sage 
6 Jun 1791SamuelMarriageWraxallto Mary Briantboth otp
3 Apr 1791MaryMarriageKeynshamto John Henry Trump 
1 Mar 1791MarthaMarriageBedminsterto John Raynon or BeynonDwelly
12 Dec 1790AnnBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of George and Ann Sage 
26 Aug 1790PatienceMarriageWinfordto William Howe 
20 Jun 1790JosephMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Sarah Langley 
23 May 1790JosephBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
12 May 1790Frances ElizabethMarriageWalcot St.Swithinto William Townsend Mullins 
11 Apr 1790HesterBaptismOlvestons/d of John and Lucy Sage 
1 Jun 1789AngelMarriageSt.Augustineto Joseph Lewis 
31 May 1789JohnBaptismSt.Nicholass/d of Philip and Hannah Sage 
12 Apr 1789HannahBaptismChew Magna s/o Charles and Betty SAGE
2 Mar 1789AnnMarriageCharlton Mackrellto Samuel Sommersboth otp
18 Nov 1788RobertBaptismSt.Jamess/d of Robert and Mary Sage 
5 Oct 1788SamuelMarriageSt.Stephento Susanna Brown 
29 Sep 1788PaulMarriageCameleyto Lydia Jordan 
15 Jun 1788AnnBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of George and Ann Sage 
22 May 1788JesseMarriageCompton Martinto Elizabeth Keedwell 
4 Mar 1788SarahMarriageSt.Mary le Portto William Clement 
25 Dec 1787EstherMarriageSt.Jamesto John Osborn 
25 Nov 1787AmbroseBaptismOlvestons/d of John and Lucy Sage 
16 Sep 1787BettyBaptismChew Magnad/o Charles and Betty Sage
12 Sep 1787SamuelMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Elizabeth Lashbrook 
12 Aug 1787PhilipMarriageSt.Nicholasto Jenny Lodwick 
28 May 1787PhilipMarriageTempleto Hannah Clark 
27 May 1787RebeccaBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
27 May 1787AnnBaptismAllerd/o John & Ann Sage
9 Apr 1787GeorgeMarriageHigh Littletonto Hannah Blinman 
1787Ann?Allerw. of JohnDwelly
25 Dec 1786AnneBurialChelwoodd/o Hezekiah and Anne Sage
7 Aug 1786GeorgeMarriageTimsburyto Sarah Davis 
2 Jul 1786JohnMarriageOlvestonto Lucy White 
21 May 1786AnneBaptismCameleyd/o William & Susannah Sage
16 Apr 1786JohnBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of George and Ann Sage 
2 Jan 1786HannahBurialNempnett ThrubwellWife of Philip Sage of Bedminster
20 Nov 1785JacobMarriageCompton Martinto Betty Lovell 
26 Jun 1785MaryMarriageSt.Mary Redcliffeto Caleb Scource 
13 Feb 1785MarthaBaptismHanhams/d of James and Ann Sager 
23 Jan 1785JohnBaptismSt.Mary Redcliffes/d of Thomas and Martha Sage 
23 Jan 1785MarthaBaptismSt.Mary Redcliffes/d of Thomas and Martha Sage 
27 Dec 1784JosephMarriageCameleyto Mary Holbrooke 
11 Oct 1784JohnMarriageAllerto Ann Laverboth otp
27 Jul 1784SamuelMarriageBath St Jamesto Hannah Carey
30 May 1784JamesBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
9 May 1784JohnBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of George and Ann Sage 
27 Apr 1784BettyMarriageBlagdonto John Smart 
13 Apr 1784SarahMarriageCameleyto Samuel Bush 
19 Feb 1784BettyMarriageTempleto Abraham Carpenter 
2 Oct 1783WilliamMarriageQueen Charltonto Edith Taylor 
21 Sep 1783MarthaMarriageHigh Littletonto James Flower 
1 Sep 1783ElizabethMarriageUbleyto William Dirrick 
25 Aug 1783MaryMarriageCameleyto Samuel Bowditch 
20 Jul 1783SamuelBaptismSt.Stephens/d of Samuel Sage and Jane Maid 
6 May 1782MaryMarriageCameleyto John Dicks 
14 Apr 1782GeorgeBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of George and Ann Sage 
29 Nov 1781MaryMarriageSt.Stephento Thomas Andrewes 
22 Jul 1781AnnBaptismSt.George (GLS)s/d of Esther Sage 
15 Jul 1781MaryBaptismCrowcombed/o Robert & Mary
23 Apr 1781SamuelMarriageKeynshamto Mary Ball 
31 Jan 1781MaryBurialAshwickwife of James Sayge snr
20 Oct 1780HannahMarriageCameleyto William Stacey 
23 Jul 1780GeorgeMarriageSt.Augustine, Bristolto Ann Lock 
23 Apr 1780CharlesMarriageStoweyto Elizabeth PurnellCharles of Cameley; Elizabeth otp; banns
9 Apr 1780JohnMarriageChew Magnato Rachel Pool 
19 Mar 1780ThomasMarriageBedminster St.Johnto Martha Cally 
12 Mar 1780WilliamBaptismTemples/d of Samuel and Jane Sage 
27 Dec 1779BettyBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
25 Dec 1779JacobMarriageCluttonto Sarah Symes 
31 Oct 1779JohnMarriage witnessChew Stokeof Henry Pool to Sarah Salmon
25 Oct 1779SamuelMarriageNempnett Thrubwellto Jane Ormomont Or Ornamont 
9 Sep 1779JohnMarriageTimsburyto Mary Churchill 
5 Aug 1779JosephMarriageWalcot St.Swithinto Sarah Shakespear 
25 Jul 1779ElizabethMarriageTimsburyto Thomas Barns 
24 May 1779BarnardMarriageDundryto Martha Mafflin 
8 Feb 1779HannahMarriageCluttonto Robert Brodribb 
24 Jan 1779WilliamBaptismChew Stokeson of Samuel & Mary Sage
24 Jan 1779MaryBaptismChew Stokedau. of Samuel & Mary Sage
11 Jan 1779MaryMarriagePublowto John Parsons 
25 Dec 1778WilliamMarriageTimsburyto Mary Brown 
16 Dec 1778MarthaMarriageCluttonto Josiah Shore 
29 Oct 1778MaryMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Thomas Bryant 
10 Aug 1778JamesMarriageWalcot St.Maryto Hannah Weston 
28 Jul 1778WilliamMarriageCameleyto Susannah Chant 
24 Nov 1777JosephMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Martha Bush 
14 Oct 1777MaryMarriagePublowto Charles Gullock 
3 July 1777HannahBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
8 Jun 1777WilliamBaptismSt.Jamess/d of Thomas and Rebecka Sage 
5 May 1777MaryMarriageCameleyto John Wookey 
6 Apr 1777AnneMarriageDundryto Joseph Gadd 
29 Sept 1776Nancy CoxBaptismChew Stokedau. of William & Sarah Sage
27 May 1776PhilipMarriageChew Magnato Mary Sage 
10 Mar 1776MarthaMarriageChew Magnato William Collins 
3 Mar 1776JohnBaptismSt.Michaels/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
25 Feb 1776SamuelBaptismChew Stokeson of Samuel & Mary Sage
17 Feb 1776BowerMarriageCluttonto Joshua Sheppard 
18 Jan 1776JoelBurialStanton Drew

24 Dec 1775GeorgeMarriageStoweyto Mary Bryant 
8 Dec 1775HannaBurialYatton
7 Nov 1775SarahMarriageHenburyto Robert Hicks 
7 Aug 1775AnnMarriageTimsburyto Thomas Cox 
18 Jun 1775ElizabethMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Richard Cornish 
27 Feb 1775WilliamMarriageChew Magnato Sarah Hewlet 
1 Jan 1775SamuelMarriageWringtonto Mary Cole 
2 Dec 1774MaryBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
1 Dec 1774BettyBurialStanton Drew

24 Oct 1774MarthaMarriageRadstockto William Symes 
6 Oct 1774HezekiahMarriageCluttonto Anne Brodribb 
8 Sept 1774SamuelBaptismChew Stokeson of William & Sarah Sage
7 Aug 1774SarahMarriageChristchurchto James Thomas 
23 May 1774EleanorMarriageChew Magnato Jesse Dyer 
22 May 1774RebeccaMarriageTimsburyto William Box 
9 May 1774GeorgeMarriageHigh Littletonto Jane Parfitt 
4 May 1774ThomasBaptismSt.Michaels/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
17 Apr 1774AnnMarriageAll Saintsto Timothy Powell 
24 Mar 1773JohnMarriageUbleyto Anne Carver 
25 Nov 1772HenryBurialStanton Drew

5 Nov 1772WilliamMarriageChew Stokeof Blagdon to Sarah CoxWit. William Hunt, Ann Hunt
7 Oct 1772MaryMarriageMidsomer Nortonto Jacob Shearn, widower
5 Nov 1772WilliamMarriageChew Stoketo Sarah Cox
21 Sep 1772PeterMarriageDundryto Hannah Phelps 
26 Jul 1772SarahBaptismSt.George (GLS)s/d of Sarah Sage 
26 Jul 1772SarahMarriageSt.Georgeto John Austin 
20 Apr 1772HesterMarriageCameleyto James Clark 
30 Dec 1771PaishentBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
30 Dec 1771WilliamBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
3 Nov 1771...ttyBurialChew Stokewife of William Sage
13 Oct 1771JohnBaptismSt.Jamess/d of Thomas and Rebecca Sage 
29 Sep 1771CharlesBaptismSt.Jamess/d of John and Elizabeth Sage 
16 Aug 1771AliceBaptismSt.Michaels/d of ? and ? Sage 
5 Aug 1771SarahMarriageCameleyto James Green 
26 May 1771CharlesBaptismAlmondsburys/d of Ambrose and Hester Sage 
10 Mar 1771IsaacBaptismNempnett ThrubwellSon of John & Grace
7 Jan 1771GeorgeMarriageTimsburyto Sarah Holbrook 
27 Dec 1770MaryMarriageAll Saints, Bristolto Philip Conybeare 
2 Dec 1770JohnBurialStanton Drew

19 Nov 1770ElizabethMarriageSt.Georgeto John Belcher 
30 Oct 1770JohnMarriageChew Stoketo Grace DyerWit. Elizabeth Chard, Samuel Sage
2 Oct 1770ElizabethMarriageBath St.Jamesto Robert Loane 
13 Jul 1770Samuel SaggeC/warden accountBlagdon
Has estate in the parish
5 Nov 1769ThomasMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Rebecca White 
23 Feb 1769ThomasBaptismAlmondsburys/d of Ambrose and Hester Sage 
5 Jan 1769SamuelBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
11 Dec 1767JosephBurialStanton Drew

8 Nov 1767William StoneBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
19 Jul 1767MarthaMarriageSt.Jamesto John Cotten 
12 Apr 1768SarahMarriageCluttonto Richard Moore 
4 Apr 1768MaryBaptismYattonSon of Samuel & Hanna
8 Nov 1767William StoneBaptismButcombeSon of Samuel & Mary Saige
23 Jan 1767JamesBaptismAlmondsburys/d of Ambrose and Hester Sage 
21 Sep 1766JohnMarriageHenburyto Ann Jayne 
13 Aug 1766AnnBurialAshwick
Wife of William Saige
28 Apr 1766JohnBaptismEast HarptreySaedgsso John & Ann of West Harptrey
27 Feb 1766SamuelMarriageNempnett Thrubwellto Mary Smart 
7 Nov 1765SusannahMarriageStoweyto William Weeks 
5 Aug 1765MaryMarriageButcombeto Thomas Collins of CameleyBy licence; no signatures in PR
21 Jul 1765WilliamMarriageWinfordto Betty Rudd 
14 Jul 1765ElizabethBaptismChew Stokedau. of Richard Sage
13 Nov 1764RichardMarriageCompton Martinto Amy Bromley 
8 Jul 1764MaryBaptismSt.George (GLS)s/d of James and Esther Sage 
24 May 1764ArthurBaptismYattonSon of Samuel & Hannah
8 Feb 1764MarthaMarriageAll Saintsto Christopher Jackson 
26 Jan 1764WilliamBaptismAlmondsburys/d of Ambrose and Esther Sage 
29 Aug 1763IsaacMarriageTempleto Mary Pierce 
16 May 1763GraceMarriageHigh Littletonto James Smith 
16 May 1763MaryMarriageChelwoodto Thomas Coleboth of Chelwood
18 Nov 1762SamuelBaptismYattonSon of Samuel & Hannah
24 Oct 1762ElizabethMarriagePublowto Joseph Filer 
18 Oct 1762AnnMarriageWesterleighto Thomas Mealing 
12 Jul 1762SamuelMarriageYattonto Hannah Oinion 
1 May 1762MaryMarriagePublowto Aaron Trull 
14 Feb 1762AliceBaptismAlmondsburys/d of Ambrose and Esther Sage 
5 Nov 1761WilliamMarriageChew StokePage or Sage of Winford to Elizabeth CurtisWit. Samuel Bryant, John Cox
14 Jun 1761EleanorMarriageButcombeto James Crookes otp;Wit Thomas Vowles, Silas Dirrick
17 May 1761JamesMarriageNorton Malrewardto Hester Lewis 
6 Apr 1761NehemiahMarriageCameleyto Hannah Parker 
25 Mar 1761JohnMarriageAll Saintsto Ann Bryan 
22 Mar 1761JamesBaptismSt.George (GLS)s/d of James and Esther Sage 
22 Mar 1761WilliamBaptismSt.George (GLS)s/d of James and Esther Sage 
16 Feb 1761MaryMarriageChew StokePage or Sage to William AdamsWit. John Cox, William Sage
1 Feb 1761WilliamBurialChew Magna

18 Jan 1761WilliamBaptismChew Magnas/o John & Ann Sage
5 Jan 1761RuthMarriageChew Magnato William Nurss 
10 Nov 1760HannahMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto John Schofield 
20 July 1760HenryBurialChew Magna

11 July 1760RichardBurialChew Magna

22 Jun 1760WilliamBaptismChew Magnas/o John & Patience Sage
14 Apr 1760JohnMarriageChew Stoketo Ann ReadWit. Betty Webb, Susanna Coombe
22 Jan 1760GeorgeBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of ? and ? Sage 
21 Jan 1760HenryMarriageChelwoodto Susanna Tannerboth of Chelwood; John Sage witness
26 Dec 1759HenryBaptismChew Magnas/o Henry & Mary Sage
11 Nov 1759SamuellBaptismDoultings/o Charliss & Elizabeth SAUGES
6 Apr 1759HenryBurialStanton Drew

6 Apr 1759HannahBurialStanton Drew

14 Dec 1758EstherBaptismOlvestons/d of Ambrose and Esther Sage 
28 Jul 1758CorneliusBurialStanton Drew

11 Jun 1758HesterBaptismSt.George (GLS)s/d of James Sage and Sc 
15 May 1758MaryMarriageSt.Philip & Jacobto Nicholas Underwood 
24 Feb 1758MaryBaptismStanton Drewd/o of Cornelius Sage
20 Oct 1757ElizabethMarriageSt.Nicholasto Samuel Clark 
5 Jun 1757NehemiahMarriageCameleyto Hannah Britton 
24 Apr 1757JoannaMarriagePublowto James Trull 
21 Apr 1757SamuelBurialStanton Drew

19 Apr 1757SamuelBurialStanton Drews/o Cornelius Sage
10 Jan 1757AmbroseMarriageAlmondsburyto Hester Hughes 
16 Nov 1756JohnMarriageCameleyto Hannah Moss 
19 Sep 1756SarahBaptismChew Magnad/o Henry & Mary Sage
20 Aug 1756WilliamBaptismSS.Philip & Jacobs/d of James and Sage 
7 Jun 1756AnneMarriageStanton Drewto John Bryant 
28 Jan 1756GeorgeBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of Edward and Ann Sage 
28 Jan 1756EdmundBaptismClifton St.Andrews/d of Edward and Ann Sage 
12 Jan 1756ClementinaMarriageCameleyto Joseph Bull 
19 Oct 1755SarahMarriageSt.Leonardto Costin Bullock 
5 Jul 1755MarthaMarriageEast Harptreeto Michael Winter 
21 Jun 1755RebeccaBaptismChew Magnad/o Jno & Patience Sage
21 Jun 1755AmiraBaptismChew Magnad/o Jno & Patience Sage
19 May 1755JohnMarriageStoweyto Sarah Isgo 
19 Apr 1755SamuelBaptismStanton Drews/o Cornelius Sage
5 Jan 1755JamesMarriageSt.James, Bristolto Betty Moon 
7 Dec 1754William SAIGEBurialAshwick

24 Nov 1754SamuelMarriageCameleyto Sarah Merry 
1 Nov 1754HenryMarriageCluttonto Martha  
27 Oct 1754CharlisBaptismDoultings/o Charlis SADGES
17 Apr 1754ThomasBristol Poll bookTimsbury
Tallow Chandler
17 Apr 1754ThomasBristol Poll bookSS Phillip & Jacob

17 Apr 1754JohnBristol Poll bookLondon
17 Apr 1754WilliamBristol Poll bookLondon
Pin maker
17 Apr 1754SamuelBristol Poll bookLondon
House carpenter
17 Apr 1754JamesBristol Poll bookSt Mary ChurchSage or SayeLaceweaver
15 Apr 1754MarthaBaptismChew Magnad/o Henry & Mary Sage
15 Apr 1754DeborahMarriageStoweyto William Page 
25 Mar 1754ThomasMarriageWest Harptreeto Elizabeth Dando 
5 Nov 1752SamuelBurialChew Magna

11 Jun 1752HenryBurialChew Magna

9 Feb 1752GeorgeBurialStanton Drew

3 May 1751EdithBaptismChew Magnad/o Henry & Mary Sage
18 Nov 1750SarahBurialStanton Drew

13 Jan 1750SolomonBaptismChew Magnad/o William Sage
6 Jan 1750JohnBaptismStanton Drews/o Cornelius Sage
1 Nov 1749BettyBaptismChew Magnad/o Henry & Mary Sage
13 Jun 1749MaryBath & Wells marriage allegationShepton Mallettsp., and John Hole, Shepton Mallettat St Cuthberts, Wells
12 May 1749IsaacMarriageBath St Michaelto ?
25 Dec 1748SamuelMarriageChew Magnato Elizabeth ?
23 Oct 1748JamesBurialChew Magna
Sage or Page
24 Apr 1748MaryBaptismChew Magnad/o William & Sage
28 Dec 1747MaryBath & Wells marriage allegationPublowsp., and John Wells, Caversham, Oxon. Bond Samuel Sage, Pensfordat the Cathedral, Wells
2 Nov 1747PatienceBurialChew Magna

17 Aug 1747MarthaBaptismStanton Drewd/o Cornelius Sage
17 Jan 1747MaryBaptismChew Magnad/o Henry & Mary Sage
20 May 1746WilliamBath & Wells marriage allegationCameleywidr., and Mary Carter, Paulton, Stowey
2 Aug 1745MaryBaptismStanton Drewd/o Cornelius Sage
4 Mar 1745HenryBaptismChew Magnas/o Henry & Mary Sage
28 Feb 1745MatthewBaptismChew Magnas/o William & Patience Sage
2 Aug 1744CorneliusMarriageStanton Drewto Betty Curtis
26 Aug 1744JosephBaptismChew Magnas/o William & (?) Sage
21 Jun 1744AnnBath & Wells marriage allegationPensfordand John Helps, Norton Malrewardat Bedminster
6 Jun 1743SamuelBath & Wells marriage allegationCameleyand Betty Ball, Nempnett, spAt Bedminster
16 Jan 1743SarahBurialKenn
13 Dec 1742MaryBurialChew Magna
Wife of Henry Sage
24 Nov 1742ArthurBurialKenn

3 Aug 1742PaulBurialAshwick

24 Dec 1741GeorgeBurialStanton Drew

25 Nov 1741WilliamBaptismAshwicks/o Barnard & Elizabeth Sage
28 Feb 1740/1IsaacBath & Wells marriage allegationClutton21, bat.; and Sarah Bower, Stanton Drew, 21, spAt Stanton Drew or Chelwood; Henry Sage bondsman
22 Dec 1740MaryMarriageChew Magnato Thomas Fox
3 Jul 1740HenryBath & Wells marriage allegationChew Magna wid.; and Mary Lee, spAt St Cuthberts, Wells
31 May 1740JohnBurialStanton Drew

5 Mar 1740IsaacMarriageChelwoodto Sarah Bowyergroom of Clutton; bride of Stanton Drew
31 Dec 1739EdmundBath & Wells marriage allegationCameley wid.; and Elizabeth Stone, spAt Cathedral, Wells
21 Feb 1736Elizabeth SaigMarriageNempnett Thrubwellto William Ogbourne
10 Apr 1733JosephBurialChew Magna

4 Oct 1731MaryMarriageClofordto John CookJohn of Mells; Mary of Whatley
10 Aug 1731HenryBath & Wells marriage allegationPensford wid.; and Rachel Taylor, spAt Bedminster, bond John Sage
28 Oct 1727MarthaMarriageEast Harptreeto James Burges of BanwellMartha otp
27 Oct 1727MarthaBath & Wells marriage allegationEast Harptreesp., and James Burges, Banwellat East Harptree, Banwell or West Harptree
30 Aug 1726JoaneBurialStanton Drew

3 Aug 1726(Innominate Sage)BurialStanton Drew
Mr Isaac Mills his apprentice
5 May 1726Joseph SnrBurialChew Magna

abt 1727SamsonBaptism?Cameley?
Recorded at Chelwood
25 Jul 1727SamuelBath & Wells marriage allegationShepton Mallettand Jane Maynardat Cathedral, Wells
abt 1723PeterBaptismCameley?
Recorded at Chelwood
abt 1723CharlesMarriage?Cameley?to ?Recorded at Chelwood
4 Oct 1723SamuelBath & Wells marriage allegationKeynshamand Mary Lancy, sp, 24
19 Oct 1721SarahBaptismCheddard/o John & Hannah Sage
abt 1720BarnetMarriageCameley?to ?Recorded at Chelwood
abt 1720JamesMarriage?Cameley?to ?Recorded at Chelwood
16 Sept 1719MaryBath & Wells marriage allegationCameleysp., 24 and John Blacker, Ston Eastonat Cameley, Stowey, Dundry or Winford
15 Sept 1718JosephMarriageExeter Cathedralto Sarah Bartlett of Upton PineJoseph is of Nunny, Summerset
1717WilliamMarriageCameleyto Ann ?Recorded at Chelwood
3 Apr 1716JohnBath & Wells marriage allegationShepton Mallettand Sarah Tilsey, sp, 22at St Cuthbert's, Wells
12 Jun 1715Sam.BurialStanton Drew

1 Aug 1714SamuelBath & Wells marriage allegationBristoland Ann Webb, Barrow Gurneybond Walter Webb
28 Jun 1713HesterBaptismYattond/o Thomas & Jane Sage
28 Mar 1712/3EleanorBath & Wells marriage allegationPensfordand Joseph Way, Compton Dando. Bond Samuel Sage, Pensfordat Stanton Drew, Publow or Pensford
24 Sep 1711GeorgeBath & Wells marriage allegationPensfordand Mary Hughes
25 May 1711JosephBath & Wells marriage allegationChew Magnaand Mary Vale, Pensford
1 Sep 1710ElizabethBurialStanton Drewwife of Jn
27 Apr 1710Thomas SAYMarriageYattonto Jane Hawkin
11 Jan 1708ArthurBaptismCheddars/o Joseph [& Joan?] Sage
1? Jun 1705ChristianBurialEast HarptreeSage
30 Apr 1704HannahMarriageDulvertonto Philip Hick
9 Apr 1704JohnBaptismCheddars/o Joseph & Joan Sage
20 Jan 1703JohnBurialEast HarptreeSaidgsso George
20 Jan 1703JohnBaptismEast HarptreeSageso George
1 Oct 1702JohnMarriageLong Ashtonto Margery Hill
4 May 1701JosephBaptismCheddars/o Joseph & Joan Sage
19 Mar 1700SarahBaptismEast HarptreySagedo George
5 Mar 1700SarahBath & Wells marriage allegationSton Easton age 25 and Joseph Cottle of Ston Eastonat Cameley or Dundry
12 Aug 1698SusannahMarriageTaunton St Mary Mto John Harrislic.; both of Bagborough
7 Mar 1698GeorgeBaptismEast HarptreeSagedo George
17 May 1696Samuel?BaptismCheddars/o Joseph & Joan Saige
9 Apr 1696MaryBaptismEast HarptreeSagedo George
19 May 1695MarthaBaptismCheddard/o John & Martha Sage
28 Apr 1694ShusanaBaptismEast HarptreeSaidgsdo George & Shusana
30 Dec 1692AnneBaptismCheddard/o Josef [& Joan?] Sage
29 Dec 1692SusannahBurialChew Stoke

6 May 1692[GJ]oe*BaptismEast HarptreeSaiedgsso George
13 Mar 1691HesterBaptismEast HarptreeSaidgsdo George
27 Apr 1690MaryBurialChew StokeSage or SayeWidow
19 Mar 1690ElisabeathBaptismEast HarptreeSaedgsdo George
24 Sep 1689AvisBath & Wells marriage allegationSton Eastonsp., and Joseph Cottle, sameat Camely or Dundry
1689AaronRemoval orderWinford

1687SamuelBath & Wells marriage allegationCameleyand Mary Dory, sp, 25at Bedminster, Winford or Dundry
1686ThomasBath & Wells marriage allegationChew Magnaand Mary KingAt Cathedral or St Cuthbert's, Wells
30 Aug 1685ElizabethBaptismCheddard/o John & Martha Sage
17 June 1683GeorgBurialChew Stoke

14 Jun 1683JohnBaptismCheddars/o John & Joan Sage
6 Oct 1681ThomasApprenticeshipFrome Sellwoods/o Thomas Sage, clothworkerTo James Coombes, butcher of London
29 Feb 1680ThomasBaptismCheddars/o John & Martha Sage
4 Nov 1676ElizabethMarriageBroomfieldto John Wans
20 Aug 1676MargretBurialChew Stokedau. of Mary Sage
1673JohnIncarceratedIlchester gaol

26 Oct 1672MaryBaptismWest Harptreed/o John & Martha SageB.T., Dwelly
1670AnnHearth tax exemptionOld Cleeve

1670ArthurHearth tax exemptionWestbury

1670HenryHearth tax exemptionChew Magna

1670HenryHearth tax exemptionChew Stoke

1670HenryHearth tax exemptionStowey

1670[Late]Hearth tax exemptionCheddar

1670SamuelHearth tax exemptionChew Magna

1670SamuelHearth tax exemptionCameley

1670WilliamHearth tax exemptionWinscombe

28 Feb 1666WilliamBurialCameley
28 Feb 1666WilliamBaptismCameley
6 Sep 1666WilliamBaptismCameleys/o Samuel & Avis SageB.T.
26 Aug 1664GeorgeBaptismChew Stokeson of William & Mary Sage
16 May 1664CorneliusWillStanton DrewDaughter Susanna Poole; grandchildren Poole, LydeProved 14 May 1666, Cornelius Lyde
14 Jan 1664ThomasBurialCheddars/o Thomas SageB.T., Dwelly
19 Sep 1663WilliamBurialCameleys/o Samuel & Avis SageDwelly
19 Sep 1663WilliamBaptismCameleys/o Samuel & Avis SageB.T.
14 Jul 1662ThomasBaptismCheddars/o Thomas SageB.T. Dwelly gives 14/5
3 Feb 1668CorneliusBirthStanton Drewd/o Cornelius & Mary
3 Sep 1665JoaneBirthStanton Drewd/o Cornelius & Mary
3 Mar 1658CorneliusBurialStanton Drew

27 Mar 1654MaryBirthStanton Drewd/o Cornelius & Mary
20 Nov 1644JohnWillWeeke, Stanton DrewJohn, so Samuel; John so George; brother Cornelius; wife JoanProved 4 Oct 1648 Henry Bisse
1642WilliamLay subsidy rollWooten Courtney
1642ThomasLay subsidy rollBuckland

1642RichardLay subsidy rollYarley, Wookey

1641WilliamProtestation returnWooten Courtney

1641ThomasProtestation returnHuish

1641JohnProtestation returnWookey

1641RichardProtestation returnWookey

1641JohnProtestation returnWells St Cuthbert

1641William snrProtestation returnWells St Cuthbert

1641William jnrProtestation returnWells St Cuthbert

1641WilliamProtestation returnWells St Cuthbert

2 Mar 1639JoaneMarriageChewton Mendipto Henry Collyar
27 Feb 1637AgnesMarriagePitminsterto Serell Ball of CheddarDwelly gives Wellington

9-12th Jan 1626JohnQuarter Sessions at WellsStanton DrewDispute with Willm Hedges & wife of Staunton DreweReferred to Francis Baber & Anthony Stocker
13 Dec 1624MarieMarriageCheddon Fitzpaineto Nicholas Hare
25 Apr 1623JohnAuthorisationCameley
B.T.; signed as church warden
7 Sep 1621AliceBaptismChew Magnad/o Joseph SageB.T.
22 Apr 1616MaryBurialChew Magnad/o Joseph SageB.T.
13 Apr 1615BridgetBurialStanton Drew
B.T.; widow
30 Jul 1615ElizabethMarriageStanton Drewto James BisseB.T.
24 Jul 1614JohnBurialStanton Drew
B.T.; ..of ?eene
27 Jun 1614BridgetMarriageStanton Drewto Thomas ElmeB.T.
25 Apr 1613SamuelAuthorisationCameley
B.T.; signed as church warden
25 Apr 1613EleanorBaptismCameleys/o Samuel SageB.T.
24 Apr 1611?MarriageChew Magnato Joan RaynesDwelly
9 Feb 1611MaryBaptismChew Magna
29 Jan 1611MarthaBaptismChew Magna
Nov 1610?BurialTaunton St Marys/o JohnDwelly
7 Jan 1607ThomasMarriageStanton Drewto Avis GregoryB.T.
9 Jan 1608EddetheBaptismCompton Martind/o William Sage
1608RichardMuster rollMangotsfield
From Smith, Men and Armour for Gloucestershire; about 40, meanest stature
29 Jan 1607MaryBaptismCompton Martind/o William Sage
29 Jul 1606WillimusAppointment

Willimus Sage appointed curate at Chedsye (Chedzoy?)
13 Apr 1605JamesBaptismCameleys/o Samuel SageB.T.; Dwelly gives 1606
Jan 1605Joan SADGEBaptismChew Magnad/o Joseph SageDwelly
1603MarieBaptismNailsea HTs/o Robert Sage
21 May 1602DorothyBaptismFrome Selwood

22 Aug 1597JoanBurialLing (Lyng)

8 Apr 1597AgnisBaptismLing (Lyng)
3 May 1583JohanMarriageWraxallto John Briand
1 Oct 1581MaryBaptismCompton Martind/o Nicholas Sage
1580JohnMuster rollPortbury Hundred
horseman with Richard Morgan, gent
1569WilliamMuster rollBelluton
18 Mar 1540ThomasCommissionCornwallWith 4 othersTo investigate assets of a suicide
1536WilliamChurch benefactionSt James, Bristol
Gave 80 for 3l to the poor p.a. and 20s for two sermons p.a.
25 Sep 1535JohnWitness and beneficiaryChew StokeWill of Isabel BaybyrFrom F W Weaver, Wells wills
8 Dec 1531JohnWillStanton DrewSons John, Richard, ThomasFrom F W Weaver, Wells wills
1452ThomasCommissionCornwallWith 4 othersTo investigate apparent act of piracy
2 Dec 1451RobertArrest warrantStaundon co. Hertford
Patent roll; Robert is turnour
18 Jul 1451GeoffreyArrest warrantStaundon co. Hertford
Patent roll
1449GeoffreyMuster roll
Commanding officer Edmund Beaufort, Duke of SomersetArcher, exped France; ref TNA_E101_54_11/m2
16 Nov 1444ThomasCommissionCornwall10 others namedPatent roll; enquiry into alleged mishandling of ships cargo by previous commission
1441GeoffreyMuster roll
Commanders John Clinton, Richard, Duke of YorkArcher, exped France; ref TNA_E101_53_33/m3
1441GeoffreyMuster roll
Commanders John Clinton, Richard, Duke of YorkArcher, exped France; ref TNA_E101_54_9/m1
11 Nov 1437Ralph le SageDeceasedMoncston & Combe, co. Wilts
Patent rolls; grant of manors to G Erard on death of Ralph,late lord of Seint Piere, king's councillor
27 Apr 1436Ralph le SageCommission againstMonkeston & Combe, co. Southampton
Patent rolls; investigate alleged wastes and stripments
27 Apr 1436Ralph le SageGrant for lifeMonkeston & Combe, co. Southampton
Patent rolls; in consideration of service
1 Dec 1413WilliamCommission of the peaceScarburghWith 5 othersPatent rolls
11 Feb 1413WilliamCommissionScarburghWith othersTake fencible men for safe keeping of Scarburgh and Grymmesby; patent rolls
10 Feb 1411WilliamAppointmentScarburghWith othersCommissions of the Peace for Scarburgh; patent rolls
9 Oct 1408SimonLevy
With 6 othersAfter their capture of two ships from Hambergh; patent rolls
8 May 1407SimonCommission against
With 6 othersFor 231 15s 8d after non-appearance to answer allegations of damage to merchants of Hambergh; patent rolls
28 Feb 1403WilliamWitnessScardeburgh, York diocese
Patent rolls; to indenture dated Martinmas 1399
1401JohnAppointmentRosse in Holdernesse, York diocese
Presented as chaplain; patent rolls
1399RobertMuster roll
Commander Edmund Langley, Duke of YorkMan at Arms, Standing force, England; ref TNA_E101_42_12/m5
24 Nov 1397WilliamOwner of land & witnessNewtongate, Scardeburgh
Patent roll
9 Jul 1395WilliamPardon for 40sScardeburgh
For selling bread, ale and victuals while a bailiff
1 Mar 1394RobertAttempted murder ofMonmouth & Usk
Commission; patent rolls
21 Feb 1394CecilyClaim on manorKyngeshome, GloucesterOther descendents of John & Cecily de Albeneye with parentage listedCommission; patent rolls
1394RobertRoyal petition

Seeking justice against William and Walter Beauchamp, for violent attack on Robert Sage on his own land at Brighthampton.; PRO ref SC 8/164/8177 NB: the PRO ascribe this Brighthampton to Oxon, but actually probably Churchdown.
22 Oct 1388WilliamPardon for 40sScarburgh
For selling bread, ale and victuals while a bailiff
28 Nov 1386WilliamCommission of arrayScardeburgh
Patent rolls; for defence of the castle and town against the French
20 Dec 1384WilliamCommission againstScardeburgh6 others namedPatent rolls; on allegation of breaking houses and ships and taking goods
18 Oct 1382WilliamExclusionScardeburgh41 othersPatent rolls; excluded from general pardon to the burgesses and commonalty of Scardeburgh
16 Jun 1379WilliamAppointmentScardeburgh
Patent rolls; surveyor & controller of defenders of Scardeburgh
26 May 1378RichardPardonRavenyngham, Norfolk
Patent rolls; failure to appear on complaint of admitting runaway servant
29 Nov 1370ThomasPardonNorwich, Norfolk
Patent rolls; Thomas is of Weston - perhaps Weston, nr Eccles on Sea?
12 Feb 1365William & SimonCommission againstSkardeburghVarious othersPatent rolls; Alleged misconduct
6 Oct 1359JohnLicence of grantKyngeshomeEllis Daubeny & othersPatent rolls; Enfeoffment of moeity of manor
6 Nov 1357JohnWitness to releaseShop and houses opposite the High Cross near St Martin, Gloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records.
9 May 1347JohnWitness to grant of landElbrugge
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records.
27 Oct 1345John & JulianaLicence for alienation in mortmainStaverton & ApperleyeThomas Pryk and othersLand to chaplain for daily service for good estate and souls of... Patent rolls.
20 Feb 1342Robert de SagesCommissionCorfe Castle
Patent roll; inquire into keeping of castle

Steph Sage first incumbent of St Thomas a'Becket church, Pensford
1336JohnGrant of markTenement between north gates of Gloucester
John is cordwainer and burgess
16 Jul 1332Thomas le SageCommission againstStoke Curcy, Somerset12 others namedFor breaking in and taking property from prior
1327JohnLand taxStaverton, Gloucs
Estate assessed for 4s 2d, almost half the value of the vill
2 Jun 1325Nichasius le SageIndemnity

Patent rolls; echevin of Ipres
28 May 1325Nichasius le SageProrogation of truce

Patent rolls; echevin of Ipres
1320JohnWitness to lease of landMulhomme near Wythegenemull near Gloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records. John is of Brithampton
2 Jan 1319AdamHolder of landScardeburgh or Watton, Yorks
Patent rolls
1318/9Walter the Wise (le Sage)Former owner of landHerlone, Gloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records.
1318JohnWitness to grant of landNewlonde without Gloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records. John is of Brithampton
1317JohnGrant of landGloucester in lane called Herlone
John is cordwainer and burgess with brother Walter
3 Oct 1316KatherineAbductedScardeburgh
Patent rolls; minor, daughter of Adam Sage
21 Aug 1316KatherineAbductedScardeburgh
Patent rolls; minor, daughter of Adam Sage
6 Mar 1316KatherineAbductedScardeburgh
Patent rolls; minor, daughter of - Sage
20 Sep 1314Nichasius le SageMandate to arrest ill-doers
7 other merchants namedPatent roll;...touching a ship of Flanders laden by them with cloths and other goods to be brought into England, which being in the port of Harwich was boarded and plundered.
10 Aug 1314Nichasius le SageProtection & safe conduct
8 others namedPatent roll;...merchant and Burgess of Ipres.
22 May 1313JohnLicence for alienation in mortmainNethere Swell, Gloucs
Patent roll; to the abbot and convent of Hayles by John Sage of Brighthampton, of 2 virgates and 19 acres of land and 1.5 acres of meadow, by fine of 40s (an early error by the tax office??)
20 May 1313JohnLicence for alienation in mortmainNethere Swell, Gloucs
Patent roll; to the abbot and convent of Hayles by John Sage of Brighthampton, of 2 virgates and 19 acres of land and 1.5 acres of meadow, by fine of 40s
1312JohnLand saleLower Swell, Gloucs
Arable, meadow and yard-lands in Lower Swell to Hailes Abbey
1311/2JohnWitness to grant of landGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
10 Jun 1310Nichasius le SageSafe conduct

Patent roll;...merchant of Ypres. Apparently coming to England with cloth and other wares to trade.
10 Feb 1307Robert & Henry SageRoyal petitionislands of Sulleye, Cornwall
Pardon, on surrender to Launceveton gaol
1305Robert & Henry SageRoyal petition

Named as disturbing the coroner of the Scilly Isles; PRO ref SC 8/264/13181 Also see patent rolls, 31 Mar 1305 & 8 May 1310
4 Dec 1295AppointmentJohn le SagePatent roll, Edw II, Westminster
...appointed to assess and collect in the county of Rutland the eleventh and seventh on moveables, except on such as were excepted from the last tenth, and recently graciously granted in aid of the present war. The like of the following persons in the following counties : Gloucester John le Sor, Master John le Sage, clerk
21 Sept 1295Walter & JohnGrant of land and housesGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
28 Nov 1293William le SageGrant of custody of landFrith of Melksham
Patent Rolls
1289JohnInq. ad. q. d.Brighthampton, Churchdown, Gloucs.
Had a 100s of land and rent held of John of Pyriton, by a lb of cummin; which John died seized of a mess. 68 acres of land, 1 of pasture, one and a half of wood and 26s rent held of the Archbishop of York. Fosbroke: Abstracts of records and manuscripts respecting the county of Gloucester.
ca. 1280JohnOffice of BailiffGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
ca. 1280JohnWitness to grant of landGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
ca. 1280John & William le Sage or the WiseShopkeepersin the suburb of Gloucester in HerloneSons of WilliamFrom the Gloucester Calendar of Records
1277JohnGrant of landBrickhampton (Brockhampton? or Brickhampton nr Staverton Br?), Gloucs
Granted 100 solidates of land to Hailes Abbey
1275/6John & WilliamShopkeepersin the Girdlery of GloucesterWilliam also witness to grantFrom the Gloucester Calendar of Records
1274/3JohnLandownerGloucester, near Graselon
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
29 Jul 1271Thierius le SageLicence to trade 30 sacks of wool
Many others listedPatent rolls; the king of Almain's merchant of Cologne
29 Jul 1271Terric le SageLicence to trade wool
Many others listedPatent rolls
1262/3JohnWitness to grant of landGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
ca. 1260JohnWitness to grant of land and housesGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records
1248JohnWitness to demise of landGloucester
From the Gloucester Calendar of Records

Information from patent rolls, credited to University of Iowa project.