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Storytelling Games

Hello, and welcome to my web pages. They include a couple of hobby websites (Who-RPG, and a few other bits and pieces), with a bit of information about me to give it context.

I have been on the web a long time, and first put this page up when telling the world about yourself was a novel experience. Since then, a web page has ceased to be enough to make you interesting; you need a blog instead, and I have to make do with appearances in someone else 's.

In my professional life, I am a web developer. My varied career has taken me through a PhD, being webmaster for a Financial Times sister company, and running my own business with a then GF. Right now, I am lucky enough to be working on some really cool (but not yet public) projects at bbc.co.uk.

As well as the storytelling games, I enjoy London's films and theatre, other tabletop games, and singing ... but I have not produced any content for those, so there is not much about them on this website.

As well as all that, I sometimes work with Oxfam (a UK development charity), support the Liberal Democrats (the third party in UK politics) by helping them out at elections, serve on the committee of Tower Hamlet's Leaseholder's Assocation, try to be vaguely ecological, and am vegan.