This site contains information on items that reflect my photographic interests. Primarily, these are collecting and researching 'old' cameras (particularly Leica copies) and taking and printing black and white landscapes.  
    Most of the information relates to Leica copies.  
    Individual camera pages are accessed from the Leica copy and look-alike pages. Additionally there is a general index, available using the 'Index' button on the left.  
    In determining whether to include a camera as a Leica copy I have used the criteria set down by HPR in the book Leica Copies (Classic Collection Publications, 1994). Basically, this says that the camera should be similar in appearance to a Leica rangefinder/viewfinder model, have a lens that is interchangeable with Leica lenses and a focal plane shutter.  
    I have also included some cameras (under 'look-alikes') that, whilst not fulfilling the above criteria, have been influenced by Leica design. Information on these is limited.  
    All cameras have been assigned a 'Rarity Rating' and a 'Value Rating' (not yet complete).  
    Additional information (including images) on Leica copies would be welcome. Please e-mail by clicking the camera image below.  Alternatively, please use my Guestmap to leave comments etc. Photoian.  
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