Leica Copies  
    These pages contain information on a number of Leica inspired copies. There is more detailed information on certain cameras (e.g. FED-Zorki), mainly because these are models I have either owned or used.  
    Where I am aware of a Leica copy, but have not yet created a page for it, the name appears on the index page in gray text.  
    I would like to thank all of those who have allowed me to examine, photograph or use pictures of their cameras. In particular, the friendly people at Pacific Rim Camera for some of the pictures ( this is a good place to visit if you are looking to buy, or just seeking information).  
    Click on a letter to view an index page. Red headings on the index pages link to brief timeline histories of companies.  
    Further pages, and updated information, will be added from time to time.  
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