Canon 7s and & 7sZ                                                                                                       
Canon Camera Company

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1965 - 1968

20000 (approx.)

100000 - 123000


Canon 0.95, 1.2, 1.4, 1.8 (all 50mm)

Canon 7S. All other pictures are 7sZ (Courtesy of Peter Evans).

The 7s is a modified version of the Canon 7. The built-in exposure meter was changed from a selenium cell to a battery powered CdS cell. An accessory shoe is fitted (this was omitted on the 7 and replaced by a special coupling device).

The sensitivity of the exposure meter is altered by rotating the ring on the front (below the shutter release button). This is marked H (for high) and L (low).

built-in self-timer is fitted and flash synchronization is provided for both M and X.

There is a wheel on the top plate, above the viewfinder, that selects the framelines for 35, 50, 85/100 (combined), or 135mm focal length.

Like the Canon 7, the 7s has a dual mounting flange, which allows screw mount lenses, and the bayonet fitted 0.95 lens to be used.

The 7sZ (not an official Canon designation, but one used by Peter Dechert) is a 7s with one minor difference. The small circular part used to adjust the vertical rangefinder setting is located at the front of the top deck just in front of the second 'n' in the word Canon (see picture below). On the 7s this is in front of the shutter speed dial.

It has also been suggested (Leica Copies, p.172) that the 7sZ has a larger rewind knob than the 7s. Peter Dechert says in Canon Rangefinder Cameras 1933 - 68 (p.192) and shows in photos (p.195) that later examples of the 7s also had the larger rewind knob, Moreover, he can't confidently say (p.196) that all of the 7sZ cameras had it. Thus it should not be considered a distinguishing feature.
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