Chiyoca Shoki, a camera store in Tokyo, had contracted Reise Optical Institute (later Reise Camera Company Ltd.) to produce cameras bearing their name. The Chiyoca 35 Standard, the first model produced under this arrangement, is offered for sale. It is a copy of the Leica Standard.
Model 35 lF, which is similar to the 35 Standard but with the addition of flash synchronization is introduced.
Introduction of the Chiyoca llF, which resembles the Leica ll. This is produced in two versions (the first has two flash sockets on the front, the second one).
Brand name is changed from Chiyoca to Chiyotax to avoid confusion with Minolta's trademark Chiyoko. Model lllF marketed. This is a copy of the Leica lll, and, like the Chiyotax llF, is produced in two versions. There are only minor differences (second version has the addition of a film type indicator, no step in the viewfinder window frame and the top engraving changed from ChiyoTax to Chiyotax).
Chiyotax cancel their order with Reise Camera Company Ltd. The remaining cameras are sold with Reise Camera Company engraving.
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