FED (Engraving type II)                                                                                              

Former Soviet Union

1935 - 1939


6000 to 125000


FED 3.5/50mm (collapsible) with aperture scale 3.5/4.5/6.3/9/12.5/18

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:

Six standard types of engraving appear on the top plate of Fed cameras produced between 1934 and 1955.
General notes: This camera is a copy of the Leica II. Cameras with Type II engraving are either Type 1b or 1c (Princelle) and were produced at the FED works in Kharkov.

Pictured camera: Body serial number is 50232. This body was produced in 1937. The rear of the lens is engraved with the number 55972.

The rangefinder cover on this camera has an indentation opposite the switch lever that disengages the transport sprocket and shutter mechanism. The end of the rangefinder cover (near the shutter release button) has a smooth curve. This compares with the angular profile of later cameras with Type II engraving and,for example, the FED with Type III engraving shown on this site).

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