FED 'Siberia'                                                                                                           

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:

Former Soviet Union

Around 1940

Probably small numbers only

Not known


FED 3.5/50 in a collapsible mount

The FED 'Siberia' is a standard FED, modified with large knobs to enable it to be used whilst wearing gloves.

Both of the pictured cameras have Type III engraving on the top plate.

The authenticity of this model is sometimes questioned. This may be because of a similar looking camera, the FED 'Paulus', which appeared around 1990. This is a modern conversion (or fake), and is usually found with later engraving (Type V or Vl) than the 'Siberia'. Jean Loup Princelle, in his book 'The Authentic Guide To Russian And Soviet Cameras', states that the FED Siberia was known before fake FED's became generally available. On balance, it is probably genuine.

The lens facing is engraved SIBIR (Siberia) in Cyrillic script. This is also engraved on the lens cap. The cap, which like the camera is designed for use wearing gloves, also has the FED logo engraved on the knob.
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