Country of origin:


Former Soviet Union

1948 and 1949

5000 (1948), 500 (1949)

00100 - 49xx (1948 engraving)
05001 - 55xx (1949 engraving)

Z,20,30,40,60,100,200,500 or 1000*

SK 2/50 with aperture scale 2/2.8/3.5/4/5.6/8/11/16/22
Industar-22 3.5/50mm engraved with 'Mockba' and a trapezoid without an arrow. Aperture scale 3.5/4/5.6/8/11/16

Some FED-Zorki cameras were fitted with a coated Industar 22 3.5/50mm.

Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:

Both of the Industar lenses are pictured below.

* Cameras were produced in both 1948 and 1949 with top speeds of 1/500 and 1/1000.
General notes: This model, which is a copy of the Leica II, was produced in the KMZ (Krasnogorskii Mekhanicheskii Zavod) works, near Moscow during 1948 and 1949 only. Cameras are engraved with both the FED and Zorki name, which suggests that the assistance of the FED company, which had begun around 1943, continued to at least 1949. The top plate also bears the year of manufacture and the KMZ trapezoid (without the arrow which appears on later Zorki cameras).

Pictured camera: Body serial number 02971. The camera is fitted with an Industar-22 3.5/50mm in a collapsible mount. This uncoated lens is a rare version of the Industar-22, with additional 'Mockba' (Moscow) engraving and the trapezoid without the arrow. This type of lens is pictured on page 310 of Leica Copies.

Unlike the FED-Zorki pictured on page 350 of Leica Copies, this camera has the strips following the top and bottom of the body, and the large collar around the shutter release button, that are shown on the' Zorki - First version' pictured on page 352. The camera base plate is without the stiffening lath (fixed by two screws to the rear of the base plate) found on most later Zorki's of this design .
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