Gamma III                                                                                                                         
Gamma Officine Meccaniche di Precisione (Rome)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1950 - 1951

Approx. 900

10700 - 11700

1,2,5,10 (slow speeds)

Koristka Victor-Gamma 3.5/55
Som Berthiot 2.8/50
Officine Galileo-Tesog 3.5/50

This camera is similar in appearance to the Gamma II, but has a different style of film counter (numbers around the wind-on dial, rather than in a 'window' as on the Gamma II)

The focal plane shutter consists of two shaped metal plates and this accounts for the two bulges on the front of the body.

The top of the camera has the following inscription:

A serial number appears on the top plate, immediateley in front of the accessory shoe.
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