Officina Rossi Ireno, Rome develop the Gamma Type 1. This is marketed by Gamma Officine Meccaniche de Precisione. Lenses are supplied by Koritska in Milan.
Introduction of the Gamma Type II. The bayonet lens of the Type I is changed to a Leica thread. The Gamma Type III is introduced at the end of the year.
Koritska is taken over by Officine Galileo, Milan, who continue to supply lenses. The Gamma Perla (a non - Leica copy with a fixed lens) is introduced.
Gamma Officine Meccaniche de Precisione cease camera production in the face of increased competition.
Detailed information is available in the book Made in Italy (Italian Cameras) by Marco Antonetto and Mario Malavolti, FOTO Camera S.A.S. di Gabriele Balderacchi & Co., Milan, 1983
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