The Ichicon-35, a well made copy of the Leica IIIf, is produced by Dai-ichi Optical Works in Tokyo. This has a removable back/baseplate, locked by two folding keys. Production rights are subsequently sold to Mejiro Optical Works.
Mejiro produce the Honor S1 Type I (first version, sometimes referred to as the S1-a). This is followed by a later version of the S1 Type 1 (S1-b), with different shutter speeds. The origin of the Honor name is obscure.
The Mejiro name disappears, probably because of a takeover, to be replaced by Zuiho Precision Optical Co. Ltd. The Honor S1 Type II is introduced. A Type III follows, with a higher top speed, of 1/1000.
The Honor SL is marketed. This is quite different in appearance to earlier models, looking similar to the Canon L1.
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