Honor S1 Type II and III                                                                                                   
Zuiho Opt. Co. Ltd. (Tokyo)


1957 - 1959

900 approx.

70001 - 709xx

T,1,2,4,8,25 (slow speed dial) B,25,50,75,100,200,500

Hexanon 1.9/50, Honor 2/50 and Honor 1.9/50

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no.range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:

The Honor S1 Type II is similar to the S1 Type I, with the following differences:

The baseplate does not have the bulges seen on the S1 Type I.

The tripod socket is in line with the winding knob (under the lens mount on the S1 Type I).

The strap lugs are mounted through the body covering, below the top plate (mounted higher, on the sides of the top plate, on the Type 1)

The S1 Type III is an S1 Type II with a higher top speed (1/1000).

All of the standard lenses for these models were made by Konishiroku (Konica).

The top of the camera has the following inscription:

A serial number appears to the right of this.
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