C D Chinaglia Domenico of Belluno, Italy produce the first Kristall (Model 2a).This was distributed exclusively by G.N.M. (Guido Nonini, Milan) and accounts for the fact that models up to the 3s have G.N.M. engraved on the top plate. Some Kristall cameras share design features with WEGA models produced by AFIOM in Pordenone, Italy. It does seem likely that there was some form of cooperation between the two companies, although this cannot be confirmed.
Top plate engraving is changed from G.N.M. to C D, and C D Chinaglia Domenico take on the marketing. AFIOM suspend camera production and Chinaglia Domenico take over.
Introduction of the Kristall 53 with a viewfinder for 28, 35, 50, 75, 90 and 105mm lenses.
The last model, the Kristall R, is introduced.
Camera production is terminated.
Detailed information is available in the book Made in Italy (Italian Cameras) by Marco Antonetto and Mario Malavolti, FOTO Camera S.A.S. di Gabriele Balderacchi & Co., Milan, 1983
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