Kristall 2a and 2s                                                                                                      
C D Chinaglia Domenico (Belluno, Italy)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1950 - 1951

Approx. 1000 (2a)  400 (2s)

00001 - 009xx (2a)  01001 - 013xx (2s)


Steinar 3.5/50, Som Berthiot 2.8/50 or
Schneider-Xenon 2/50

The Kristall 2a is similar to the 2s,. with the following differences:

The top speed on the 2a is 1000 (500 on the 2s).

The shutter speed dials are different. On the 2s there is a bottom flange engraved with the speeds (engraved on the top on the 2a)

There is a flash socket mounted flush on the front of the 2s. The 2a was not generally synchronized, although some late models do have a projecting flash socket on the front.

The pictured camera is a synchronized 2a.

* 1000 on 2a model only.
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