Kristall Standard                                                                                                       
C D Chinaglia Domenico (Belluno, Italy)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:



Approx. 700

? - 12xxx


Krinar 3.5/50, Som Berthiot 2.8/50 or
Schneider-Xenon 2/50

Courtesy of Pacific Rim Camera

The Kristall Standard is similar to the Wega Standard. The Kristall pictured in Leica Copies shows the following differences when compared to the Wega:

The shutter speed dial is larger.

There is a raised frame around the front viewfinder window.

The accessory shoe is black.

There are two flash sockets on the front.

The pictured cameras, although engraved Kristall on the top of the viewfinder housings, are virtually identical to the Wega Standard on page 97 of Leica Copies. They have no frame around the viewfinder, a small shutter speed dial and only one flash socket. They do, however, have a black accessory shoe.

The lens shown is a Trigon 2.8/50. Although published literature does not appear to mention this as a standard lens for the Kristall Standard, it is sometimes given as one of the standard lenses for the Kristall 2.

C D Chinaglia Domenico and AFIOM (manufacturer of the Wega) merged around 1952 and it is possible that these cameras were constructed with parts from both factories.

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