Leotax T                                                                                                                       
Showa Optical Works Ltd (Tokyo)
Leotax Camera Co Ltd (after 1956)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1955 - 1958

Around 5000

546xxx - 555xxx (Showa)
25xxxx up (Leotax)

T1,2,5,10,15,25 (slow speed dial) B,25,35,50,75,100,200,500

Topcor 2.5, 2.8,2 and 1.5/50

This camera is visually similar to the Leotax F, with the exception of the film speed dial, which shows a top speed of 1/500 (1/1000 on the Leotax F). It has a film type indicator in the film wind knob and is sychronized for both M and X. The synchronization selector is on the front (below and left of the slow speed dial) and the contact is on the back.
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