Minolta - 35 Model ll                                                                                         

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1953 - 1958

Around 20000

35xxx - 84xxx

T,1,2,4,8,25 (slow speed dial) B,25,35,50,100,200,500

Super Rokkor 2.8/45 and also (later) Super Rokkor 2/50

Unlike Minolta-35 I cameras, Model II cameras do not have a screw in the centre of the slow speed dial. The baseplate design was also altered, with a large wheel to open the back of the camera.

Image size on this model is 24x36mm.

Diopter adjustment is achieved by rotating the ring around the eyepiece on the back of the camera. Flash synchronization is provided via a socket on the back.

The top plate engraving of this camera is shown below.

This is the second version, which appeared from the middle of 1955. Before this, the rear of the top plate was engraved C.K.S. for the maker (Chiyoda Kogaku).

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