Nicca (Original)                                                                                                         
Nippon Camera Works Ltd (Tokyo)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1948 - 1949

200 - 300

23xxx - 272xx

T,1,2,4,8,20 (slow speed dial) Z,20,30,40,60,100,200,500

Nikkor QC 3.5/50

The name of the manufacturing company was changed, in October 1947, from Kogaku Seiki SHA to Nippon Camera Works Ltd. Model names were changed from Nippon to Nicca.

The Nicca (Original) body is, apart from the top plate engraving, similar to the post-war (1946 - 1947) version of the Nippon (Original).

The Nicca (Original) does not have flash synchronization.

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