Nicca Camera Works Ltd (Tokyo)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:



Not known, possibly a few hundred

234xx - 27xxx *

B,1,2,4,8,20 (slow speed dial) B,20,30,40,60,100,200,500

Sun Sophia 2/50 **

Courtesy of Pacific Rim Camera

This camera is a Nicca Type-3 and was supplied to Peerless Camera Stores (in New York) during 1949. It differs from the standard Nicca Type-3 by having Peerless Type-3 engraved on the top plate. It also has only three screws holding the accessory shoe (the Nicca Type-3 has four).

The viewfinder is fitted with diopter adjustment.

The base has the following engraving:

*  This is the serial number range for the Nicca Type-3. Numbers on cameras I have seen do fall within this range.

** Both the pictured camera and the one on page 263 of
Leica Copies. are fitted with this lens.
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