Periflex 1 (Original version)                                                                                          
K.G. Corfield Ltd.

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1953 -

Up to 200

Not known


Lumar 3.5/50 (both coated and uncoated) in an aluminium mount.

The aluminium body is covered in brown pigskin (version 2 was covered with black leather and version 3 with black leathercloth.

Shutter speeds are engraved directly into the top plate, (around the speed knob).

Focusing is by periscope viewfinder. Pressing a button on the periscope housing (the vertical cylinder in the centre of the top plate) lowers a mirror into the light path of the lens, thus allowing through the lens focusing. Releasing the button allows the mirror to return to its original position.

The contact below the shutter button on the front of the body is for flash synchronization (M).

This model was available in black finish.

Viewfinders (shown right) were available, covering 28,35,45,50,85,90,100 and 135mm focal lengths. These fit into the accessory shoe on the top plate.
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