Reid ll                                                                                                                               
Reid & Sigrist Ltd. (Leicester)

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:


1958/1959 ? *

Not known

Not known, but P3xxx numbers exist.


Taylor-Hobson 2 inch f/2

This model is similar to the Reid lll Type Il, but does not have a slow speed dial. The top speed is limited to 1/500 (1/1000 on the Reid lll Type Il).

The top of the camera is engraved 'Reid' in script with a serial number to the right. Towards the back is 'Reid & Sigrist Ltd. LEICESTER. Eng.

This model incorporates diopter adjustment.

For details of the lens cap supplied with the Taylor-Hobson lens, camera boxes and leather case, see the Reid lll (Type2) page.

* In 1964 Reid & Sigrist ceased production of cameras and sold their tools and spares to A.W. Young Ltd. of London. It is possible that all Reid II's were assembled by A. W. Young from these spare parts (perhaps a shortage of some parts accounts for the lack of slow speeds?). The camera was, however, mentioned in the British Journal Photographic Almanac in 1959 and it may be that some Reid II's were produced by Reid & Sigrist. The debate continues.

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