It is difficult to find any information about Tanaka Optical Company Ltd. of Tokyo, manufacturer of Tanack cameras.
The first Tanack, the llC, is introduced. This is a copy of the Leica ll, with a hinged back and a fabric covered plate in place of the slow speed dial found on later models.
Production of the Tanack lllF, which is a llC with the addition of slow speeds, commences. This is followed in the same year by the Type-lllS. Again, this is a redesign of the lllF. A variation of the lllS is known, with only one flash socket and lllSa engraving.
The most numerous Tanack, the Type IV-S, comes to the market.
A new design, the Tanack Type-SD, is introduced. Although retaining the Leica screw lens mount of the previous models, this camera is quite different in appearance (more Contax ll than Leica ll). It resembles the Melcon ll, which is also in production at this time. The number produced is very low (around 300 - 400).
Following the Type-SD, design of the next camera, the Type-V3, reverts to Leica type with echoes of the Leica M3. Lens mount is changed to a bayonet fitting, although an adapter for 39mm screw fit lenses is available.
The final Tanack is introduced. The VP is similar in appearance to the Type-V3 but has a large window to illuminate the finder frame lines. Lens mount reverts to 39mm screw.
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