Wega IIa                                                                                                                     

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:



Approx. 1000 - 1300

31001 - 32xxx (AFIOM)
40001 - 403xx (CD)


Trixar 3.5/50

This was the second model produced by AFIOM (the first was the Wega Standard, which was similar in design to the Kristall Standard).

AFIOM and C D Chinaglia Domenico (manufacturer of Kristall models) merged around 1952 and the Wega IIa became the Wega 2a. Apart from the logo (Wega 2a instead of Wega IIa), the 2a was slightly different to the IIa. It had two pressure springs in the accessory shoe and a raised border around the viewfinder window.

It should be noted that some late produced Wega IIa models were manufactured with the CD 2a logo, whilst a number of early Wega 2a's were produced with the AFIOM IIa logo.

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