Zorki (Regular Run)                                                                                        

Country of origin:


Number made:

Serial no. range:

Shutter speeds:

Standard lens:

Former Soviet Union

1949 - 1956


Probably from 08000 to 600000

Z,20,30,40,60,100,200,500 (From some time in 1955 - B,25,50 - 500)

Industar-22 3.5/50mm with aperture scale 3.5/4/5.6/8/11/16

General notes: This camera is a copy of the Leica II, and was produced in the KMZ (Krasnogorskii Mekhanicheskii Zavod) works, near Moscow.
From 1955 onwards the first two digits of the body s/n indicate the year of production. The standard lens for this camera was the Industar-22 3.5/50mm in a collapsible mount, although a small number of cameras were supplied with the same lens in a rigid mount.
Pictured camera: Body serial number 87626. This body is fitted with an Industar-22 3.5/50mm in a rigid mount, which is uncommon (according to Princelle less than 2000 were produced). From 1951, the first two digits of the number on a Zorki lens indicate the year of manufacture. This lens has the s/n N5106122.
Variant: From about 1953 on, cameras are found with both Cyrillic and Roman engraving (pictured right). These are less common than those with Cyrillic engraving only.
* Krasnogorskii Mekhanicheskii Zavod
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