Value Rating  
    The value rating places cameras in $100 price bands, and appears in the title bar of camera pages in the following format:  
    The number multiplied by 100 indicates the top of a 100 U.S. Dollar price band. For example, represents a band of $301 to $400, whilst is $1401 to $1500.  
    Price bands are broad-based and intended as a rough guide only. They are for camera body + standard lens in generally excellent + cosmetic condition. This equates to 4 using the PCCGB rating system*. Functional rating is at least F. Cameras in mint condition will usually, depending on the model, fetch considerably more, whilst the reverse is true for items in poorer condition.   
    For more detailed price information McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras or the Blue Book (Hove Photo Books) may prove useful. At the end of the day, however, the price will be the price acceptable to both buyer and seller.  
     * PCCGB = Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain      
    Cosmetic Rating: 0 - New. Never been sold. Boxed, 1 - As new. Never used. Boxed. 2 - Indistinguishable from new. 3 - Very minimal signs of wear. 4 - Signs of light use. 5 - Signs of normal use. 6 - Signs of heavy use. 7 - Restorable. Some refinishing necessary. 8 - Restorable.Refinishing necessary. Parts may be missing. 9 - For spares only.  
    'Functional Rating: A - As new. Manufactureres warranty. B - As new. No manufacturers warranty. C - Recent professional service & guarantee. D - Recent professional service. No longer under guarantee. E - Major functions recently checked. F - Fully functioning, but accuracy not checked. G - Fully functioning, but shutter, meter etc. probably not accurate. H - Usable, but not fully (e.g. slow speeds sticking). J - Not usable (e.g. shutter jammed). K - Probably not repairable.