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  • Academic Papers - Moderated

    Cooper M. & Benjamin I. 1994
    Envisionments - constructing dramatic virtual worlds
    in: Singh G., Feiner S.K. & Thalmann D. 1994
    Virtual Reality Software & Technology: Proceedings of VRST '94 Conference
    (Singapore, August 1994)
    Pub. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore pp 251-265
    ISBN 981-02-1867-2
    Abstract [Click to read]

    Benjamin I. & Cooper M. 1995.
    Virtual Tourism: a realistic assessment of virtual reality for the tourist industry
    in: Schertler W. et al. 1995
    Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism: Proceedings of ENTER 95
    (Innsbruck, Austria, January 1995)
    Pub. Springer-Verlag, Vienna.New York pp. 135 - 143
    ISBN 3-211-82669-6
    Abstract [Click to read]

    Cooper M. & Benjamin I. 1995
    Actors, Performance and Drama in Virtual Worlds
    in: Earnshaw R.A. & Vince J.A. 1995
    Proceedings of Computer Graphics International 1995 (CGI '95)
    (Leeds, UK, August 1995)
    Pub. Academic Press, London UK / San Diego, CA pp. 255-265
    Abstract [Click to read]

    Academic Papers - Unmoderated

    Benjamin, I. 1993
    Review of "Animated Agents" lecture by Paul Booth
    in: British Computer Society HCI Group Newsletter Issue 21, April 1993

    Benjamin I. & Cooper M. 1994
    Dramatic Action in Virtual Worlds [Click to read]
    in: Proceedings of 2nd Conference of the UK Virtual Reality Special Interest Group (UK-VRSIG), Held on the 1st December 1994 at Silicon Graphics Reality Centre, Theale, Reading, UK
    Conference Proceedings on WWW [Click for WWW link]

    Commercial Articles

    Several book reviews for City Limits magazine, 1991-1993

    Benjamin I. 1995
    Dirty Macs? Computer Porn
    City Limits Magazine, Issue 529, November 21st 1992, pp.
    Pub. City Limits, London

    Benjamin I. 1995
    Cosmic Pinball - Once is Never Enough
    Audio-Visuality Magazine, Issue 2, December 1994, pp.98-101
    Pub. Media Communication & Publishing Ltd., London

    Benjamin I. 1995
    VR Home Brew
    Audio-Visuality Magazine, Issue 3, January 1995, pp. 96-102
    Pub. Media Communication & Publishing Ltd., London

    Benjamin I. 1995
    VR - the Endless Horizon
    Audio-Visuality Magazine, Issue 4, February 1995, pp. 98-102 Br> Pub. Media Communication & Publishing Ltd., London

    Benjamin I. 1995
    Electrosphere: Into Uncharted Territory. An Interview with Jonathan Waldern
    Wired UK, Issue 1.04, August 1995 pp. 48-9
    Pub. Wired UK

    Benjamin I. 1995 & Cooper, Dr. M.
    Human-Computer Interaction - CIS 315 Study Guide
    London University External Programme - Bsc Computing & Information Systems

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