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Annual General Meeting - 29th June 2011         23 July 2011 01:29:00

The AGM held on 29th June was inquorate by one member. The business of the meeting was conducted, but will require ratification by Club members before the decisions taken can be regarded as official.

The Report and Accounts were adopted by the meeting subject to audit. (The audit was subsequently completed on 22nd July 2010 and the updated Annual Report is available via the link below). During the discussion an offer was received from Paul Barclay to run weekend friendly matches against Oxford and Cambridge Universities and to run the individual Nurse Lightning and individual Ratcliff Blitz events (Opening and Closing Nights respectively). This offer was gratefully accepted by the meeting, so the programme of events given in the Annual Report will be appropraitely augmented.

With the slimmed down programme, the additional resource offered by Paul Barclay and the plans to reduced the Club's administrative footprint (do like these buzz phrases, don't you?) the Club will proceed with the following personnel (subject to ratification as indicated above):


President and Chairman: Ian Hunnable

Secretary and Treasurer: Martin Page

Match Captain: Anthony Kent

Executive Members (and the tasks they will perform):

Paul Barclay (A'S Nurse and Ratcliff, A/M Oxford and Cambridge University matches)

Geoff Naldrett (A/S Tournaments, A/M Civil Service and Hastings)

Tony Paish (A/M Combined League)

John Philpott (A/S Website)

Ian Reynolds (Without Portfolio)

In addition, when all formalities regarding ratification of the election of the Executive Committee have been performed, it is intended that the following members will be co-opted as before to the Executive Committee:

David Shipp (A/S Correspondence Chess)

Gareth Derbyshire (A/T Membership)

Other functions will be covered as follows:

Ian Hunnable (A/S Grading and Publications)

Key: A/S = Assistant Secretary      A/M = Assistant Match Captain
A/T=Assistand Treasurer


The website will be taken over by John Philpott, a welcome offer from John as readers will have noticed the site has not been maintained to an acceptable standard this season; my apologies for that - pressure of overall commitments.

The Annual Report has been updated since the version circulated to members with a number of corrections. The latest version v2.00 can be obtained via this link: ICC Annual Report v2.00 (pdf)

The details of the activities of the 2010-11 Season will be updated on this site, before John Philpott takes over, most probably with a completely new installation, although the pages at this location will remain available.

More details in due course.

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01-Jul-2011 Files

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03-Dec-2010 Calendar

Update with Civil Service postponement and result of Eastman Cup v Cavendish.

06-Oct-2010 Calendar

Update with new fixture date and correct Closing Night date.

29-Sep-2010 Tournaments

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25-May-2010 Frost-Wilmot

Add results and report.

03-May-2010 Tournaments Add final result in Championship.

Add result and report for Ratcliff Blitz.

Matches Add report for Hastings match and result and report for Wanstead (RWMM). Update Tooke.

Calendar Add date for Legal match.

15-Apr-2010 Tournaments

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Matches Add results and stats for Eastman Plate v Hackney and Bronowski v Commercial. Update Bronowski stats and Tooke.

Tournaments Add results in Championship.


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