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The Club runs a range of events for team competition. Since 1907 we have had an Inter-Office league competition for teams from different insurance offices. In the 1999/2000 season the Club embarked on a new venture by merging the Inter-Office league with the London Banks Chess League to form the Combined Banks & Insurance Chess League. Following on the success of that first season, the competition has been confirmed on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the new combined league competition, office teams may also participate in a team knockout competition for the Bowring King trophy. First round losers in the Bowring can compete in a "plate" competition for the Durham Trophy. Tteams from the Legal League and the London Banks Chess League are participating in the Bowring King and Durham.

The Club runs a team tournament at Rapid Play (or Blitz) for the Frost-Wilmot Trophy. This trophy commemorates two of the Club's latterday servants, C.S. Frost (Secretary 1929-1950) and G.H. Wilmot (Match Captain 1929-1956). Archive/Officers.

The Frost-Wilmot competition is open to teams from insurance offices and to "non-office" teams of Club members, at least three of whom must be from a recognisable "affinity group"and to teams eligible to play in the London Banks Chess League and the Legal League.