Stitched Textiles

For more than thirty years I have made stitched textiles, and have taught embroidery. Many commissions have been undertaken for both public spaces and private collectors. My work is in public collections, and has been exhibited in this country, Europe, Japan and the USA.
The aim is for the work to reflect my love of and delight in the beauty that I find in the natural world. Colour, and the qualities of the textiles I use are of great importance to me. I also am inspired by the working methods that embroiderers and quiltmakers use, and have used in the past, and am proud to be a part of this long tradition.
My current work is inspired by my garden. My studio overlooks the garden, and every day I observe its changes, delight in it, plan and anticipate. The passing show with fleeting moments, sunshine through flowers and leaves, and insubstantial shadows are all aspects that I aim to convey.
I am available for workshops, private tutoring and to give lectures. Please contact me for details.


"We have bought pieces of Isabel's over the past thirty years and have commissioned a third major piece for our new house in Portugal. We love them for their marvellous intricacy but simplicity of design and technical skill that is combined in a visual feast that we have never stopped enjoying. The details and the daring use of colour combinations she makes never cease to please and surprise us.  There is a wonderfully strong sense of structure and that supports this strength of colour and subtlety of stitched line. Isabel harmoniously brings together line, pattern, colour, shape and also a superb quality of timelessness that will outlast us and continue to bring pleasure to others after us."

 Ian Chapman & Gordon Cooke