A Short History of Visionary Tongue

What does the word Visionary mean to you? It is easy to simply pounce upon the nearest dictionary to find answers to this question, and still go away empty handed. The idea behind Visionary Tongue is simple – to provide a voice for those who wish to sing, an audience for those who have a tale to tell.

Established in 1995 by British fantasy author Storm Constantine and Eloise Coquio, Visionary Tongue grew out of Storm’s involvement in teaching creative writing classes. Recruiting a number of professional friends and colleagues, among them Graham Joyce, Christopher Fowler and Freda Warrington. Storm wanted to evolve a regular small press fiction magazine aimed at promoting and encouraging new talent.

During 1999 VT followed many magazines in becoming fully online, until 2002 when it changed again into a printed magazine with online support.

Editorial Support

VT is in unique in what it offers the small press market. Though our team of experienced editors, accepted material for the magazine is given positive feedback when needed, in order to bring your work up to a professional level of publication. Showcased in each issue is what we see as some of the most evocative and talented people of the new millennium.

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