Sacred Blue by Mia Hart-Allison

‘One of the best first collections I’ve read.’ – Jamie Spracklen, VT Editor

Sacred Blue is first publication printed by Visionary Tongue Press, and was successfully launched at Newcon 4.

Sacred Blue is intensely modern and determinedly idiosyncratic. It plunges headlong into the uncomfortable and disturbing, seeking the consolation of beauty in the most unlikely and unpleasant of places, from the wreck of a rotting corpse and the striving of insects, to the decline of heavy industry and the far recesses of the mentally ill mind. The fifteen poems and four short stories are multi-dimensional, intense and visceral, tackling the inescapable strangeness of human experience at its most extreme.

The collection also features five amazing, original illustrations by VT favourite Ruby.

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Both Desecration and The Voice of Ignition have been previously published in Visionary Tongue.

Desecration - is the story of a woman struggling with life who has a bizarre sexual encounter, but is it a religious experience or a symptom of mental illness? The nature of authority and its institutions are examined thru her experiences, exposing the relative fragility of ‘reality’ and ‘truth’.

The Voice of Ignition
- is about a pyromaniac and his obsession, the voice in his head that commands him and the hubris that invites his self-destruction…


Phantom Limb - is a poem about mutilation. It considers the strange phenomenon that some amputees experience of still being able to feel their severed limb. Is this a physical experience or a psychological one? And how might it feel to go through it?

Mia Hart-Allison now lives in London's east-end with her husband Pete and best friend Yasmin, but is originally from Middlesbrough in north-eastern England. She has previously published various poems, stories, articles and illustrations in such publications as Staple, Poetry Express and Pen Pusher, but Sacred Blue is her first collection. She has six tattoos, a degree in politics and a consuming passion for literature.

Cover image and design - Peter Hart-Allison
Illustrations - Ruby
Back cover image - Yasmin Tehrani

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