Even a qualified electrician I found it very hard to get to grips with the factory wiring diagrams for JAWA and CZ Motorcycles. They appeared to bear more resemblance to Morse code than an electrical diagram with all the colours represented by dots and dashes! As my first Czech bike was a CZ 125/488 since I was re-introduced to motorcycling, I started by creating a colour diagram using my computer.

From these early beginnings I moved on to create colour diagrams for many other models of JAWA & CZ. Below is just one example of the the many colour diagrams that I have created. So if you need a colour diagram for your JAWA or CZ, have a look at the list at the foot of this page. If you would like me to send you a copy as a .jpeg file let me know via email.

If you are in search of a diagram that is not in the list, please let me know anyhow, as I might just be in the process of creating the one you are in need of.

If you prefer a high quality printed laminated copy, this too can be accommodated for a modest charge. For people in the UK contact myself. For people in Europe and other overseas locations you can obtain such print-outs added to your purchase of spare parts while you are shopping at MZ-b. These printed copies are produced using my original bitmap files, and therefore are of a much superior quality than is obtained from (free) JPEG or GIF files.

All I ask is that when you request a diagram, please tell me in which country you live, and how you found my site.

Below are just a few diagrams that you might find useful.

Mario Mager

JAWA-638 Jawa-638small.gif (72861 bytes)
IGNITION SWITCH  Ignition-Switch.gif (12138 bytes)
BASIC 6 VOLT CHARGE CIRCUIT Ignition&Charge.gif (13271 bytes)

List of available diagrams

JAWA 353/354/360/634/638/632/640

CZ 450/476/477/488/471/472



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