An Introduction to JAWACHAT

Founded 03-MAY-1999

JAWACHAT was conceived and set up by my good friend Graham Wilson. Graham had the idea, but had no JAWA-CZ contacts to start the ball rolling. I provided the first 30 contacts to start things moving.

Soon afterwards JAWACHAT became too much for Grahams personal server to handle! JAWACHAT was then transferred to

Since then JAWACHAT has been moved yet again to:- Don't ask me why, because I don't know!

NOW (March-2001) JAWACHAT has well over 200 members!

From a mere acorn does a mighty Oak groweth!

Regardless of these location changes JAWACHAT still works in the same manner.

JAWACHAT is a free service to anyone who is interested in JAWA & CZ Motorcycles.

To subscribe simply visit and follow the instructions. Each time you log on, you will be sent any mail that is in the JAWACHAT system. So if someone asks the group a question, everyone in the group will be mailed the question. When someone replies to it, this reply will then be sent out to everyone on the list.

Even the person who provided the answer will receive a copy. Much information and parts have already been exchanged by the JAWACHAT scheme. So it you want to join in the fun with the Jawa gang, just subscribe according to the instructions below. You do not need to participate, you can just read the chatter if you wish!

I must warn you now, that the amount of messages you receive through JAWACHAT varies greatly. Some days you might get nothing or very little, whilst other days you might collect dozens of messages! Either way I am sure you will enjoy the world-wide comrade that is enjoyed in the world of JAWA-CZ

Thanks. MARIO

Once you have your first JAWACHAT message, you can either simply 'reply' or you can generate and send a fresh message using the address :-

Please note: Subscribing and unsubscribing to JAWACHAT is not instant, and can sometimes take a few days before things start to work.

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