Model Numbers

No matter what hobby or pastime you have, you always end up talking 'jargon'! In the world of motor cars and motorcycles this jargon is very often model numbers.

You just can't escape this!

The world of JAWA & CZ is no different. In fact in some model numbers even confuse the most ardent JAWA-CZ enthusiast.

If you have a JAWA or CZ and are not sure what year or capacity it is, the two lists on the following pages may be of some help to you.

Please note: These model numbers are pertaining to models imported into the UK. Other countries such as the USA were blessed with many more exotic models, which we did not see here in the UK.

I have placed a few hyperlinks to pictures and owners of some of the models in these lists.

I will be adding to these as time permits. If you want to see an image of a particular model, just let me know what model it is. I have many brochures and photos in my personal collection.

This will enable you to see what the model looks like, and enable you to obtain first hand information (should you want it) of people who not only own these models, but are also well versed in their upkeep.

If you have a model listed that does not have a contact in it, and if you would like to be that contact, then please let me know. MARIO