(Section updated October-2001)

You may or may not be aware, that over the years I have written quite  a few stories that were printed not only in our JAWA-CZ Owners Club magazine Torque, but also in the pages of other club magazines of associated clubs.

In addition to that I have also given permission for my stories to appear in various web-sites, mainly of good friends that I know in JAWA-CZ circles. It is great that my stories have been so popular, and publicized so widely. Many new contacts have come my way by having these stories posted in my friend's web-sites.

Now at long last, I have my own web-site whereby I can have all my stories living permanently in my own web-site.

I hope that you enjoy reading these stories. Most of them now have been up-dated with the corresponding thumbnail pictures.

Mario Mager

JAWA Rally Swedish Style

Blast INTO the past