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What can be treated?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine and does not have barriers in treating any complaint.
If you are currently on medication this should be continued until your doctor safely re-evaluates your condition.
Typically treated conditions are:
Difficulties in fertility (Here it is important to treat both partners).
Maintaining health throughout pregnancy.
Issues of Mother and infant.
Development of the child (including behavioural anomalies, food intolerances, fears and respiratory conditions).
Progress through to adulthood: overcoming the stresses from the outside world to enable a healthy development both mentally and physically.
Ilnesses and conditions that prevent us achieving what we would aspire to progressing and developing within our perceived abilities and natural constraints. By this I mean that if we consider that either our mind or body is being frustrated in reaching our natural goals then we are not in a fit or healthy state and something needs correcting.
Let me give some examples; If you suffer from anxiety and that state, however simple or complex, prevents us from reaching our goals in life, then homeopathy can help remove that anxiety state. That freedom can then then have the knock-on effect of not only allowing us to achieve those goals but correct those bodily functions and disorders that have crept up on us and had additional effects in our not being able to function at our own optimal level, free of constraints.