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Current article: Depression

Homeopathy is very effective at dealing with depressive illnesses. I have witnessed many patients respond well from the outset to an accurate prescription. Itís as if a cloud gets lifted and brightness and wellbeing return. The precise reason why depression sets in may never be clear and the description of how we are exactly feeling in a depressed state is equally unclear. The subtle way in which it affects us and our ability to deal with day to day life is however clear to a practiced and trained observer, the homeopath. By working together and exploring the physical changes and emotional changes in detail a prescription can often be easier to find than when trying to treat a skin disorder. The results can be no less startling.
Our bodies in theory were designed to avoid the causative factors often attributed to depression and there has always been the knowledge of pre-dispostion to such illnesses within the field of homeopathy. The signs and symptoms at physical, emotional and mental level are the only guide to correct prescribing and there is no room for any judgemental issues. The factual symptoms as recounted by the individual pass up the clues to the homeopath.
Anyone can be susceptible to depression; The child who sits all day with a sorrowful expression. The student overcome by work pressure or parental problems. The workaholic who has business pressures mounting. The mother struggling to juggle the childrens needs with her own. The partner in a relationship that is near to breaking. The change into retirement or other lifestyle changes that catch us unaware. The list is endless. Why is it that only some of us end up getting depressed and find the only outlet is conventional drug treatment? The questions we may ask ourselves about depression donít need an answer in tackling the problem from a homeopathic perspective. We need to know what has changed for you. If answers are difficult or uncertain then we can address it from a different angle. What are you normally like, sleep, food, social environment, perspiration, menstrual cycle, libido, things that affect you greatly, bowel habits, thirst, recent changes, griefs, humour etc., etc.
The sessions during treatment can have their own therapeutic value. Itís rare that we reveal so much detail about ourselves and the relationship we have with a homeopath is often strangely personal yet objective, and focused in searching for the remedy unique to your circumstances and conditions that can make such a dramatic change in your return to health, no longer stuck or labelled with depression.