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How does it work?

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How does it work?

There are many things which modern science and technology are trying to either explain or discover. Some of the current theories will change. Fact.

Without conventional medicine
current life expectancy would be
on average, shorter than it was
100 years ago. Fact. Surgical techniques and drug technology will develop further
to increase this. Fact.

Homeopathy is being used more extensively to treat conditions such as mastitis in herds
of cattle. Fact.
Babies and infants respond to correct homeopathic treatment

Some G.Pís have studied and qualified in homeopathy and use it extensively and successfully
in their treatment of patients. Fact.
Many donít. Fact.

If you buy homeopathic remedies over the counter for treating minor complaints and have some idea how to choose an appropriate remedy it will sometimes work. Fact.
Sometimes it woínt. Fact

The science and art of successful homeopathic prescribing remains unchanged. Homeopaths do not know how it works and have several theories. Their patients experience that it does work and can work surprisingly well. Fact.

Some people have experienced successful treatment by using acupuncture, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, healing, psychiatry and other therapies. Fact. Some doctors have witnessed the positive effect of placebo. Fact.

If you donít try homeopathy you will never know whether your health and well-being can benefit from it.