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How much will it cost?

Adult initial session lasting around 90 minutes £65. Follow-ups (45-60mins) £40. Allow an average of 3 follow-ups.

“Many therapies cost between £25 and £40 for a half hour session. A programme of treatment is around 4 to 10 sessions over a few months.”

Family rates are available for a minimum of 3 individuals. Please enquire about terms.

Children up to 11 years old. Initial session around 90 minutes £50. Follow-up sessions (45-60mins) £30.

Can you really put a price on improved health?”

I am happy to arrange consultations by a combination of questionnaire/e-mail or post. Although not ideal and in some respects not suited to the normal method of case-taking a degree of rapport between myself and you the client can often be established but may take longer to build a suitable basis against which I am prepared to prescribe. It also takes a considerable degree of commitment on your side to carefully detail the responses requested from you. Total costs can work out higher. £60 per hour fixed rate including administration.

“Homeopathy often works out at a lower overall total cost.”

By prior arrangement these sessions can often be conducted in your home as the infant or child may not be needed for the whole session and may be better suited to their familiar home environment.